The AI Twitter bot named ‘Explain This Bob’ was deactivated following Elon Musk’s accusation of it being a fraudulent cryptocurrency account

The AI Twitter bot named 'Explain This Bob' was deactivated following Elon Musk's accusation

Elon Musk’s sudden change of opinion is evident as he had previously interacted with the AI chatbot on Twitter.

Following Elon Musk’s recent tweet, an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 has been removed from Twitter. The chatbot, known as ‘Explain This Bob,’ was referred to by Musk as a fraudulent cryptocurrency account.

The chatbot was associated with a meme coin called BOB Token, which drew inspiration from Pepe the Frog. After Musk engaged with the account back in April 2023, the value of the token skyrocketed by 4,744%. However, after the suspension of the Explain This Bob account, the token experienced a significant drop of over 40%, falling from a high of $0.00003100 to a low of $0.00001818. Presently, the meme coin is trading at around $0.00001931, representing a decline of approximately 6.6% for the day, according to CoinGecko.

Considering Musk’s commitment to eliminating spam from Twitter, the removal of Explain This Bob seems to be a routine action, despite Musk’s prior interactions with the account in question.

The AI chatbot was created by Prabhu Biswal from India and its purpose was to comprehend and respond to tweets it was tagged in, often assisting users in understanding complex tweets.

Back in April, Musk tweeted during a conversation, expressing openness to ideas, but criticizing the notion of stealing the Twitter database, removing ads, and then selling the data to others. In response, someone tagged the bot, and in a now-deleted tweet, the bot replied by stating that Twitter does not want to sell their database and that removing ads is not a viable way to generate revenue. Musk replied to this by saying, “I love Bob.”

Just before its suspension, Bob managed to have the final say, declaring, “Bob is not a scam, but a decentralized memecoin with 0 tax and no contract ownership. Bob is inspired by Doge and is for the people.

Elon Musk’s involvement and opinions regarding cryptocurrencies

Musk continues to make headlines in the world of crypto and technology. When he’s not discussing his ambitious projects at Tesla, SpaceX, or The Boring Company, he frequently expresses his concerns about AI and promotes Dogecoin on Twitter. Recently, both of these topics have gained attention.

On Thursday, a leaked open letter obtained by the New York Post revealed that Musk has denied owning cryptocurrency wallets connected to insider trading. He is currently facing a $258 million lawsuit alleging involvement in Dogecoin racketeering.

During a tech conference in Paris last Friday, Musk reiterated his warning about the potential dangers of an AI arms race, emphasizing the possibility of a “catastrophic outcome” for humanity. This echoed an open letter he co-signed in March with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and other prominent figures in the tech industry, urging OpenAI to cease the development of systems more advanced than GPT-4.