The 2024 Olympic Games Logo Became A Joke In The Net

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The organizers of the Olympics clearly did not expect so much criticism when the logo was announced.  Users found a hidden meaning in some of the logos.

Not so long ago, the organizers of the Summer Olympics, which are planned to be held in France in 2024, presented the new logo of the event to the world.  The organizers clearly did not expect such a serious rush of criticism after the publication of the, and some people do not even understand why the logo has become so widely discussed on the Internet.

Initially, the French artists decided to design a logo with a hidden meaning, but did not know what kind of reaction it would cause. In the new logo, the designers displayed several important elements at once: the Olympic flame, gold, as well as the image of the French symbol – Marianne. The fact that Marianne is extremely important for France, her image is a necessary attribute of all law enforcement agencies and municipalities of the country.

Internet users did not appreciate the ideas the artists, but found another meaning instead. Users saw that the emblem that looked like a human face, after which they started laughing at it, adding various emoji and smiles to the logo. The resemblance to a woman’s face was visible to the naked eye, and users also found a resemblance with the logo for the Tinder dating application.

The symbol was even compared to the elements of the image of celebrities who made similar hairstyles. Some users thought that this logo was perfect for cosmetic brands. The organizers have not yet commented on this attack by users, but the logo has already been officially approved.

The new sport at the Olympics

The 2024 Olympics will really be one of the most spectacular Games in history. The Olympics will present a new sport, which is already known – a dance with acrobatic elements. The media reported that the official program includes breakdancing, and the organizers said that the world should respect this sport

Skateboarding and rock climbing will also be officially included in the 2024 event. The organizers also added surfing to this list, and reported that soon they plan to expand the official list of sports species for the Olympics. For the first time, the possibility of including breakdancing at the 2024 Olympics was mentioned in the spring of 2019, when the French politicians said it was a great idea.

Author: Aleksei Titov