Telegram lets users adds profile videos, send 2GB files and more

WhatsApp’s closest rival Telegram has rolled out a substantial update, adding Profile Videos along with improved People Nearby features, unlimited file sharing with up to 2GB per file and more.

With the new update, a user can change their profile picture into a profile video. The video will play when someone opens the user’s profile, and it is possible to choose a specific frame from the video to be displayed in chats, the company said in a statement on Sunday.

Telegram is increasing the size limit for files shared on the app, from 1.5GB per file – the limit that had been in place since 2014 – to 2GB for any file type.

The update has also improved the People Nearby feature, which now also indicates the distance between the user and any detected contacts.

If a user getting too many messages from non-contacts, one can try the new switch in privacy and security settings to automatically archive and mute new chats from people not in contact.

Now, owners of large groups with over 500 members can now view detailed graphs about their activity and growth. Group stats also show a list of top members by number of messages and average message length. In the future, the features will be available for groups with just 100 members.

In addition, Telegram Desktop now supports multiple accounts, similar to the mobile app, which has done so since 2017.