Telangana Home Guard risks life to save dog

In a heroic act, a Home Guard in Telangana risked his life to save a dog from an overflowing stream.

Mujeeb, attached to a police station in Nagarkurnool town, saved the dog which fell into the stream on the outskirts of the town on Wednesday.

The animal was trapped on the other side of the stream which was overflowing due to heavy rainfall. Locals found it crying in the bushes but none could help it due to the danger of being washed away.

They, however, alerted the police.

An earth mover was arranged and it was Mujeeb, who entered the stream and reached the dog.

Holding a rope attached to the earth mover with one hand and balancing himself against the strong current, Mujeeb lifted the dog with the other arm and with great effort and kept it on the excavating arm which was then lifted by the JCB operator.

Locals gathered to watch the rescue operation and cheered Mujeeb when he brought the dog to safety.

There was all-round praise for Mujeeb as the video of the rescue effort went viral over social media.

“Mr Mujeeb Home Guard officer Nagarkurnool police station risked his life to save a dog from a stream. A caring concern for every living creature of the ecosystem,” tweeted Director General of Police M. Mahender Reddy.