Youtuber places 16GB in a GeForce RTX2070 with 8 GB

Youtuber places 16GB in a GeForce RTX2070 with 8 GB. Indeed, we know that there are thousands of curious content on the Internet, where experiments and tests with different technologies are carried out.

One of the most popular is putting smartphones to the test in endurance tests, but more. A video was recently released where a YouTuber puts 16 GB on a graphics card GeForce RTX 2070 from Nvidia, with 8 GB.

Although there are several experiences shared by this Internet abroad, it is not common to see popular videos with more specific hardware, such as graphics cards. But there is one that is attracting the attention of those interested in this segment. Others who, despite being laymen, are curious about the world of technology.

Youtuber places 16 GB in a GeForce RTX 2070

The VIK-on channel YouTuber shared a video where he makes funny changes to his Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card. The user can access the published PCB diagrams and, through them, managed to exchange Micron’s 8 GB GDDR6 memories for a 16 GB GDDR6 Samsung.

If the question is “did it work ??”, the answer is “Yes”; however, the printer later showed unstable behaviour. As a rule, such change must be authorized by the manufacturer to operate. Nvidia’s RTX 2070 graphics BIOS requires adequate support for this superior capability.

But the tests also revealed some flaws. That is, indeed if it works, the process has not proved to be stable or safe. This behaviour was maintained in other tests.

Youtuber 16GB GeForce RTX2070

However, instability was not an obstacle, and the YouTuber performed some benchmark tests.

It was possible to run the 3DMark TimeSpy test where the modified board achieved 6176 points in TimeSpy Graphics. In other words, this indicates that more memory did not make a big difference in this case. On the contrary, the average score of an original RTX2070 is 9107 points.

However, it is also up to us to warn them not to venture out if they do not know what they are doing or know the parts they will handle. Besides, we also warn that this process leads to the loss of equipment warranty.

In short, any issue that occurs will be the user’s full responsibility. One possible consequence is that the printer will be permanently damaged and stop working even if the original memories are replaced.

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