Twitch is now allowing streamers to broadcast their content simultaneously on any platform of their choice

Twitch is now allowing streamers to broadcast their content

During the recent TwitchCon event, Twitch made a significant announcement: streamers on the platform are now allowed to simultaneously broadcast their content on any other live streaming service. Prior to this, streamers could only simulcast on mobile platforms like TikTok and Instagram. However, Twitch has expanded the range of platforms where streamers can simultaneously go live, with the exception of those who have exclusive agreements with Twitch.

In recent times, some popular Twitch streamers, including xQc, Amouranth, and Nickmercs, have signed non-exclusive deals with competitors like Kick. Ninja, who previously had an exclusive contract with Twitch, terminated his agreement in September 2022 to be able to stream on multiple platforms. The new policy for simulcasting on Twitch comes with specific guidelines. Streamers must ensure that the quality of their Twitch stream is on par with what they offer on other platforms. They are also discouraged from sharing links to their Twitch community during simulcasts on other platforms, though they can still link to third-party websites on their channel’s About pages. Additionally, they are not allowed to use third-party services to merge chat interactions across different platforms.

Twitch plans to introduce a tool in the future that will allow streamers to indicate when they are simulcasting. Furthermore, Twitch has updated its off-service conduct policy to include doxxing and swatting as behaviors that will be enforced against, effective immediately.

Twitch has also made some product changes, including renaming the Guest Star feature to Stream Together, which will soon include the ability to merge chats. A TikTok-style Discovery Feed that highlights live channels is currently in testing, and Twitch’s notification system for events like subscribers and Bits donations will soon support a streamer’s custom animated emotes.