Top Innovation Tech Trends in the Gambling Industry

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Technological development is always increasing. New state of the art trends seems to appear every so often regardless of what industry weíre talking about.

Gambling is no different. Weíve seen some big changes, especially since the rise of the internet. New trends will also emerge in the near future. In a few decades, we probably wonít even see physical casinos anymore. So, what are the biggest trends that are here to stay? Letís find out.

Gambling from anywhere

Remember when you had to take a plane and book a hotel room just to visit a casino? Those days are gone.

Sure, you can still do that now if you want. However, you can get the same experience on your desktop, tablet, or phone. 2019 alone has seen a huge rise in mobile gambling. Slot machines, poker, roulette, you name it Ė online casinos have it.

Live gambling

Regular online gambling brings you the same chances of winning or losing money. Live gambling, however, brings to life the casino atmosphere on your screen. Literally.

How does it work? A casino sets up cameras and microphones that allow you to interact with dealers and other players. Everything is streamed live and happens in real time. The dealer in front of you is a real person, and so are the other players.

As internet speeds increase in the entire world, weíll soon be able to engage people from the other side of the globe in real time. Itís amazing to think that this was merely a dream a while ago.

Virtual reality

Speaking of interaction, letís take it to the next level. VR lets you feel as if youíre actually in a real casino. Get any VR headset such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index.

Then log in to a gambling website that supports this tech. Youíre now in a full-fledged casino world with tables, roulettes, slot machines, and so much more. No more clicking or tapping on a screen to do things. Instead, youíll be turning your head and using your hands to interact with everything. Just like you would in a regular casino.

Virtual sports betting

This is one of the newer gambling products that have garnered lots of attention. It was a godsend during the recent pandemic.

With so many cancelled sporting events, bettors were left sobbing. Something had to be done to satisfy their needs. Fortunately, virtual sports betting exists.

In laymanís terms, an algorithm plays out a game. There are no human players to speak of. Through complex mathematical equations, the program simulates how a real sporting event would take place. It goes as far as taking into consideration a playerís handicap gained from a previous match.

If youíre ever placed a bet on a real-world football match, youíll know how the system works. The same disciplinary rules and strategies apply to this form of betting as well.


Since 2012, more than 40 casinos have implemented RFID technology in their chips. RFID chips have numerous purposes.

However, their main goal is to let the management know where a certain chip is located and how much people bet at a table in real time. By doing so, they can prevent stealing and get accurate bet ratings. This helps them determine the best course of action to increase their ROI without being unfair to the bettor.

In the same way, GPS and RFID on your smartphone allow you to control certain things without a physical membership card. You can apply for a gold membership online, and the parking garage door will open automatically when you arrive. Similarly, you can use your smartphone at the entrance to gain access instead of waiting in line.

Facial recognition

During the 70s and 80s, scammers would often play dirty to win as much money as possible. Since surveillance systems were relatively new, casinos couldnít do much about it. But now a casino can detect a cheater right from the start.

Multiple casinos can even share data between them so that cheaters wonít be able to enter a physical location ever again. Privacy concerns aside, this technology has kept many players safe from devilish scammers. Games are much fairer, and youíll have a higher chance of winning.

Multiple currency support

Gone are the days when you had to pay currency exchange fees. Reputable online casinos now offer a variety of payment methods.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has been a huge factor. Transaction fees are as low as ever. And their almost instant, taking place in mere seconds. The same goes for cashing out. Youíre able to get your winnings sent to your account easy-peasy.

Even more to come

With so many amazing innovations, we canít help but wonder whatís next. Artificial intelligence and the blockchain keep evolving at a rapid pace. Graphics are only getting better and internet connections reach higher speeds. From here, only good things can come. What are your thoughts on this matter? Post a comment down below.