Top Considerations in Choosing a Help Desk Ticketing System

If your business deals with customer support queries, you need a help desk ticketing system to collect, organize, and track all queries from across your different channels so that you can manage them easily from one place.

But with various help desk ticketing systems on the market, it can be challenging to know which one to opt for. So, check out the following considerations to make the selection process easier.

Consider Collaboration Needs

From HelpSpot to Solarwinds, you can choose from lots of different help desk ticketing systems, so make sure you spend time comparing the different features and tools of each to find what you need. Get started with this help desk ticketing system comparison guide.

One thing thatís important for any help desk operation is coordinating team members. Therefore, the ticketing system should include tools for collaboration.

You should be able to draft replies, review and edit drafts, and send messages from the same platform as well as use additional collaborative tools.

In turn, operations can become more efficient. For instance, when your help desk ticketing system includes tools for adding comments to emails, it reduces the need for users to switch between different platforms to get input from team members.

Consider Clarity and Ease-of-use

Consider a help desk ticketing system that presents data clearly and provides all information in an easy-to-use and easy-to-view interface.

It will then be much easier and quicker for customer support agents to create and review reports that come with real-time performance metrics.

Consider Privacy and Protection

The best help desk ticketing systems provide advanced privacy settings, which means administrators have control over access. The best systems also enable you to create private inboxes and protect sensitive information that is associated with customer requests.

Look for a ticketing system that includes such privacy and safety features to ensure your company takes privacy and personal data seriously.

Consider a Cloud-based Ticketing System

When your ticketing system utilizes cloud storage, you can be sure of efficient backups of data. You also ensure that all authorized team members can access the system in real-time from any location at any time.

So, a cloud-based help desk ticketing system could be crucial for your organization.

Consider Utilizing a Customer Portal as Part of Your System

It can also be beneficial to give your customers access to customer services in real-time.

If you go with a help desk ticketing system that includes a customer portal, customers can easily see the status of their support requests.

That means they will not send lots more messages for your customer service team to handle, which would take up valuable time. And it means the customers are happier because they can monitor the status of their support requests at any time.

Customer portals also include all of a specific customerís past requests and solutions, which means customers are less likely to ask the same questions again.

Basically, using a customer portal as part of your help desk ticketing system can improve workflows and increase efficiency no end.

Consider Using a Ticketing System with a Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can be a very useful feature to have as part of your help desk ticketing system.

With a knowledge base, customers can locate solutions to common problems without having to make a formal support query.

And when the knowledge base is integrated with a help desk ticketing system, customer support team members can easily attach files to replies in order to provide customers with even greater support and reduce the number of tickets that need to be handled by the customer support team.