TikTok is introducing a live streaming music contest

TikTok is introducing a live streaming music contest

TikTok has revealed its plans to launch a music competition reminiscent of popular talent shows such as The Voice. The competition, named Gimme the Mic, will take place through TikTok’s live streaming feature and will include real-time voting from fans as a crucial element.

The competition is structured into three main phases: auditions, semifinals, and the grand finale. As of today, aspiring artists can submit a 30-second audition video using the hashtag #GIMMETHEMIC. The top 30 entries will proceed to the semifinal round, where they will be paired up and perform live on a livestreamed event. Viewers watching live will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred performers to move forward. The final event will be held on September 10th in the United States, featuring the top 10 contestants. The winner of the US competition will earn the chance to compete globally against winners from various countries.

In recent times, TikTok has proven to be a platform with the ability to propel songs to success. Previously obscure tracks gain mainstream recognition, and older songs resurface on Billboard charts due to their viral popularity on the platform. The Gimme the Mic contest could offer another avenue for musicians to achieve recognition and success. However, the immediate rewards for winning the competition seem to be rather modest.

The victor of the US competition will receive 50,000 “Diamonds,” TikTok’s in-app currency that can be converted into real money. The issue is that TikTok has not disclosed the exact value of 50,000 Diamonds in terms of USD. According to previous estimates found on influencer websites, each Diamond is valued at around $0.05, which would translate to approximately $2,500 for the prize. TikTok has refrained from confirming the current conversion rates when questioned.

TikTok usually takes a 50 percent share of creators’ earnings from in-app gifts, but according to spokesperson Zachary Kizer, the competition prizes will not be subject to this deduction.

Over the past months, TikTok has been heavily investing in its live streaming capabilities, particularly for events that require audience engagement. In February, the platform introduced a series of live trivia games similar to the concept once popularized by HQ Trivia. Additionally, TikTok has been consistently adding more tools for content creators to enhance their live streaming experiences, including greater control over who can access their streams.