This represents the latest iteration of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, featuring a design without a disc drive and an innovative gyro controller

This represents the latest iteration of Microsoft's Xbox Series X, featuring a design without a disc drive and an innovative gyro controller

In 2024, Microsoft intends to introduce a fresh iteration of its Xbox Series X console, featuring a brand-new design and various enhancements. This forthcoming console, internally known as “Brooklin,” was inadvertently disclosed in recently surfaced documents related to the FTC v. Microsoft case.

The updated Xbox Series X design appears notably more circular compared to the current model and will be sold without a disc drive. Confidential internal documents from Microsoft reveal that it will boast 2TB of storage, an upgrade from the previous 1TB, as well as a front-facing USB-C port with power delivery. Additionally, it will come with an entirely new and more immersive controller.

This novel controller, codenamed “Sebille,” is scheduled for announcement later this year. It will incorporate an accelerometer to support gyro functionality and sport a dual-tone color scheme. Connectivity options will include direct cloud connection, Bluetooth 5.2, and a potentially revamped “Xbox Wireless 2” connection. Microsoft has also mentioned features like “precision haptic feedback” and “VCA haptics doubling as speakers” for the controller. Users can expect quieter buttons and thumbsticks, a rechargeable and replaceable battery, modular thumbsticks, and the ability to awaken it by lifting it.

Inside the redesigned Xbox Series X, Microsoft is adding support for Wi-Fi 6E, a Bluetooth 5.2 radio, and is downsizing the existing die to 6nm for improved efficiency. According to Microsoft’s documents, the power supply unit (PSU) will see a 15 percent reduction in power consumption. Microsoft aims to maintain the same $499 launch price for the new Xbox Series X.

Microsoft has outlined a roadmap for this revamped Xbox Series X console and controller, alongside a refreshed Xbox Series S featuring 1TB of storage. Although Microsoft recently released an updated Xbox Series S in black, it appears another refresh is planned for 2024, featuring Wi-Fi 6E support and Bluetooth 5.2, and it will include this new Xbox controller.

The possibility of console customization through Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab program was also mentioned as one of the company’s goals to achieve by 2030, although it should be noted that, based on the leaked documents, this initiative is not yet fully funded. In the same section, there is mention of a new Elite controller, which presumably would include the same enhancements as the main controller refresh.

Tentatively, Microsoft plans to launch this new Xbox Series S refresh in September of the following year, with the Xbox Series X refresh scheduled for November.