The portable gaming device from Sony, known as the PlayStation Portal, is set to be released later this year at a price of $199.99

portable gaming device from Sony, known as the PlayStation Portal, is set to be released later this year

Sony plans to launch its portable PlayStation, called the PlayStation Portal remote player, later this year. This handheld gaming device will utilize Wi-Fi to stream PS5 games and boasts an eight-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 60fps. The price tag for the PlayStation Portal is set at $199.99.

According to Hideaki Nishino, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior vice president of platform experience, the PlayStation Portal will establish a remote connection to the PS5 through Wi-Fi, enabling players to seamlessly transition from gaming on the console to the handheld device. Supported games that are already installed on the PS5 can be played on the PlayStation Portal, utilizing the DualSense controller.

The PlayStation Portal’s controllers, reminiscent of the PS5’s DualSense controllers, are prominent on both sides of the device. They support features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, delivering a comparable experience to using the dedicated DualSense controller for PS5 games. While the PlayStation Portal can handle media playback and mirrors the PS5’s interface, it does not have local processing capabilities. Therefore, an internet connection of at least 5Mbps is necessary for smooth gameplay, with 15Mbps recommended for optimal performance.

Early testing by IGN’s tech editor Bo Moore revealed no noticeable latency issues during gameplay with the PlayStation Portal. This is crucial, as streaming games over Wi-Fi networks can still present latency challenges.

It’s important to note that the PlayStation Portal does not support Sony’s upcoming cloud streaming for PS5 games, particularly games that require a PS Plus Premium membership. Instead, the handheld focuses on streaming games already installed on the user’s PS5 console. A reliable internet connection is required, and Sony suggests a minimum speed of 5Mbps, with 15Mbps being ideal.

While the PlayStation Portal lacks Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphones or the Pulse 3D headset, it employs a proprietary wireless technology known as PlayStation Link. This standard prioritizes low latency and lossless audio transmission. Sony plans to launch a wireless headset and earbuds that also support PlayStation Link, which can be used with a PS5 through a USB adapter.

Although the PlayStation Portal’s battery size has not been finalized, Sony aims for a battery life similar to the DualSense controller’s duration, which is around seven to nine hours.

Initially referred to as Project Q, the PlayStation Portal was officially announced in May. While an exact release date is still undisclosed, Sony has revealed the $199.99 price point for eager PlayStation fans.