The New Tech Behind Disposable Vapes in 2021

Tech Behind Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are a great way to enjoy a discreet cloud of vapor, sans the bulky vape hardware, extra batteries, and bottles of vape juice. But where do you find the best disposable vapes on the market? Is it better to have disposable or refillable vapes? And how do you recycle them? These questions are vital to know before you make your next purchase of disposable or refillable vapes.

How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

Disposable vs. Refillable Vapes

Disposable vapes arenít meant to be reused or recharged, hence the name ďdisposable.Ē Once you notice the vapor starting to decline or cease entirely, you can simply throw it out and grab a new one! Disposables are usually better for vapers who donít care to carry around bottles of nic-salt vape juice or constantly charge their device. The best disposable vapes are small, with great flavor, and affordable. Lastly, thereís no setup or assembly involved with disposable vapes. Simply hold to your lips, inhale to power, and recycle when youíre done!

Refillable vapes are more for vapers who like to choose their own flavors of nic-salt e-liquid. While this does offer quite a few more options, carrying around bottles of nic-salt, remembering to charge your device, and spending more money to get a long-lasting battery-powered device. Also, be prepared for the occasional messy fillup and leaky cartridge. You should also clean your cartridge, with either a soap and water or a cartridge-cleaning device. Lastly, refillable vapes may be more expensive, as youíll be needing a charger and extra vape juice. Some of the more popular brands like JUUL and Suorin can cost between $10-$30. If youíre planning on purchasing a refillable pod device, you should budget at least $100 for everything.

Best Disposable Vape Products

Money Bar

One of the best disposable vapes on the market are called Money Bars. Money Bars come in ten different flavors, with tempting flavors like Pina Colada and Peach Ice. One really awesome feature of these Money Bars is that each bar comes in a corresponding flavor. For example, Sour Apple Ice comes in a vibrant green and Sweet Strawberry comes in a lovely shade of reddish pink. This makes it easy to remember what flavor youíre puffing on and adds a pop of color when using the device.

Each Money Bar comes with 1.3mL of e-liquid, has a 280mAh battery, and can be used for up to 300 puffs. The Money Bars also come with 50mg of nicotine, perfect for vapers who like a strong kick of nicotine.

Money Bars are very affordable, each device costing about $5, an excellent choice for vapers who donít need to constantly hit their vape device.

Exotic Bars

Another disposable vape device on our list of the best disposable vapes are Exotic Bars. Exotic Bars are just like Money Bars, but come in exotic flavors like StrawNana and Kiberry Yogurt. The Exotic Bars are very similar to the Money Bars, in that they come in 10 different flavors, are color-matched to their respective flavors, and are designed to be recycled once theyíre depleted.

The Exotic Bars are powered by a 280mAh battery, are good for up to 300 puffs, and are pre-filled with 1.3mL of synthetic nic-salt e-liquid.

Exotic Bars cost about $3, even cheaper than the Money Bars!

How to Recycle Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are made primarily of plastic and batteries. Therefore, you should recycle your device once you are finished using it. Simply toss it in with the rest of your recycled cans, bottles, and other used plasticware.

And while it might be tempting to just flick it to any street or sidewalk, or when you think no one is looking, remember this. People are always looking for a way to bash vaping. Donít give them another excuse; weíve already seen so much negativity from the media and from people who donít understand why vaping is essential to former smokers. Show them that youíre better than the average smoker who casually flicks their used cigarette butt into the road.

And keep in mind, if you donít see a recycling bin or trash can available immediately, just wait a few more minutes until you arrive at your destination. More often than not, a trash can is closer than you think. Proper recycling of your disposable vape pen will keep the planet healthy and will encourage other vapers to do the same.

Final Thoughts

In short, disposable vapes are a great way to enjoy your discreet puff while keeping your clouds to a minimum. Using disposable vapes can also reduce the amount of hardware you carry, as disposable vapes donít need to be recharged or refilled. Disposable vapes can help save you money, thanks to the strong nicotine content and affordable pricing. And lastly, recycling your vapes are an important part of a vaper lifestyle, and can help rid the planet of landfill waste. As you continue your search for the best disposable vapes, make sure you check out the Money Bar and Exotic Bar today!