The coolest tech gadgets of 2023

coolest tech gadgets

Business and technology trends are rapidly changing the world. Among today’s business trends in 2023 are innovative ideas that seemed unrealistic just yesterday. Virtual reality, neural networks, cybersecurity, digital transformation and artificial intelligence are areas where attractive and disruptive ideas for startups live.

Modern entrepreneurs also benefit from such global phenomena as Industry 4.0, the transition to a circular economy and digital transformation. Eco-ideas for business in 2023 are also in trend and can bring serious income – “green energy” and “green finance” are examples. Popular technologies also include various types of entertainment, but not all of them may suit everyone. If you want to make good money on entertainment, try Bizzo live casino.

“Green Energy”

Green energy means obtaining renewable energy from inexhaustible reserves. These are the energy of wind, sun, tides, geothermal heat, water flows and biofuels. For example, in 2020 already ? of the energy received in the world is “green”. The volume of global “green energy” will grow.

As part of this trend, there are several working business ideas:

• Installation of solar panels in remote settlements, workers’ settlements, tourist centers.

• Installation of wind turbines for farms.

• Launching a rental service for solar powered devices.

• Collection, processing and sale of biofuels (obtained from the processing of cellulose and organic waste).

• Cultivation of a “second generation” biofuel, jatropha, a herbaceous plant for biodiesel production.

Digital transformation

This trend combines various areas of business digitalization carried out with the help of modern tools – blockchain, artificial intelligence, social media, smart electronics, etc. The use of these technologies is aimed at increasing productivity and optimizing efficiency.

Digital transformations allow not only to increase profits, offer the consumer products that are in demand “here and now”, but also make the business attractive for investment.

Among the current ideas and startups as part of the digital transformation trend:

• Drone Operators: Drones are used for mapping, inspection of power lines, household services, delivery of orders from online stores. Among the most advanced ideas are the use of drones to disinfect large areas and use them as “video referees” at matches.

• Implementation of smart real estate search systems for buying and selling, renting, following the example of CIAN, Dom-Click, Yandex.Realty, automated legal assessment of the apartment, the purity of the transaction.

• Construction of prefabricated houses: modules from various suppliers are delivered to the construction site, which are enough to assemble like a children’s designer.

• The system of “smart” control of cars of one vehicle fleet, which allows to monitor the status, speed, location, amount of fuel consumed by each of the vehicles at any time.

• Deliveries of social robots, whose functions are communication, care and care for the elderly and the disabled.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Things connected to the Internet, interacting through a virtual network between themselves and the outside world, are no longer associated with the entertainment industry alone. Voice assistants, health trackers, digital security systems, insurance telematics are successfully used in everyday life, business, and production. Their main advantages are autonomy, the ability to work effectively without human intervention.

1) “Smart” house. Devices from air conditioners, thermostats to music speakers and pet feeders that can be controlled with a smartphone. One of the novelties is mobile robots for apartments, offices and country houses.

2) Industrial “Internet of things”. Sensors for machine tools, all kinds of software for large-scale data analysis, precise calculations, design development.

3) Agro-IoT for use in farming, animal husbandry. Drones and smart tools for predicting climate change, tracking the location and health of farm animals, and checking soil composition.

4) IoT for retail. “Smart apps” for shopping, allowing you to immediately offer the consumer what he needs, various options for contactless payments.

5) “Smart city”. Services for analyzing traffic jams, removing tolls for heavy trucks.

Artificial intelligence

Programs and devices that can perform countless tasks at the same time are called “artificial intelligence”. Its main feature is the complete exclusion of the human factor. Important advantages of AI are the space speed of data processing, the ability to train the system, saving on human resources.

• Recognition of images, speech and images.

• Cloud Computing for Smart City.

• Machine translate.

• Designing “smart houses”.

• Software for smartphones with the possibility of self-learning.

• Manufacture of unmanned vehicles and aircraft.

• Creation of robots in the image of humanoids.

AI is changing many business processes today:

• Administrative area: virtual assistants coordinating requests, organizing meetings, booking trips.

• Labor productivity: the introduction of exoskeletons in industries where hard physical labor is required.

• Communication with clients: chat-bots, conversational AI.

• Finance: AI accounting systems that can replace a human accountant.

• Overcoming the language barrier: instant translation systems.

• Digital security: implementation of pattern recognition programs.

Implementation of innovations (inventions and progressive ideas)

Any progressive ideas and inventions gain their value when they are introduced into business, production, and everyday life. Today, such an implementation is a very delicate and risky process: an incorrect restructuring of production and business processes, short-sighted retraining of personnel can lead not to progress, but, on the contrary, to large losses.