Technology Landscape: Relationship Management Apps


Ever since the early 1990s, technology has significantly progressed to change every facet of our lives. From the smartphone to electric cars, to high-speed internet, there has not been a year of stagnation in our technology. As humans, we always seek to improve, disrupt, and find ways to make the old new. We do not hesitate to embrace change in the world.

Technology has disrupted all traditionally established industries such as accounting, consulting, banking, real estate, entertainment and so much more. Startups are some of the largest drivers of change in our world economy.

Apple is worth more than multiple countries around the world combined. Facebook has connected almost 3 billion people around the world in an ever-growing network of content and profiles. Advertisements used to be consumed on the radio. Now, it can be consumed on your phone, television, refrigerator, gas station pump, watch, or any place you can imagine. Technology has truly disrupted every aspect of your lives and we are not stopping any time soon. Unicorns seem to be the catalyst to this change.

Unicorns in Technology

Unicorns, billion-dollar valuation businesses, are at the forefront of this change. For example, Robinhood has completely disrupted traditional investment institutions and put the world economy into the hands of retail investors. Brokers have always charged a fixed-rate commission on a single trade resulting in hundreds of dollars. Only the super-wealthy were able to participate in the financial services industry.

Now, the democratization of these products allows every person to invest in any stock whether it is a single share or fractional share. Crypto-currency trading is now at the fingertips of anyone seeking to get their hands on the future of commerce as well. By offering zero-commissions, investors will not be reluctant to take part in our growing economy and have a voice in how we seek to value businesses.

Change in Relationship Management Apps

Technology has also changed how we store contacts, communicate with each other, and keep up with our expansive list of relationships. Covve is the platform to take part in that change.

Covve is one of the most innovative companies to come out of the startup world. Their technology utilizes artificial intelligence to store, sort, and arrange contacts in your phone, tablet, or computer. This proprietary technology sets reminders for when to contact friends, family, co-workers, and employers. You can allow Covve to store your network in your phone and set up times to meet with them to build an authentic business relationship.

AI-Powered News Engine

Covve not only reminds you when to reach out but how to reach out. The second relationship management capability in Covve’s toolkit is machine powered news article recommendations. Covve’s patented News Engine is constantly scanning over 100+ news sources to provide you with the most relevant information affecting you and your contacts today.

The AI algorithms will sort through news articles and highlight news affecting your contacts and their respective companies. For instance, if any of your contacts are in the information technology industry, Covve can suggest that you start a conversation about Apple’s new expansion efforts in East Asia.

By staying up to date with your contacts’ most pressing social and economic issues, you can drive more conversations and improve your business acumen. Covve helps you stay on top of your relationships by always having relevant information prepared for you at any given moment.

Not to mention, Covve will help you improve your existing relationships by providing you with cutting-edge industry information that your colleagues may not be privy to. Covve is your personal assistant in all your business and personal endeavors. With this powerful relationship management app, you will always have the right information at your fingertips. Through Covve’s contact-centric approach, you can focus on people, not deals.

Final Thoughts

Technology has allowed us to change the way we interface with the world around us. It has democratized industries that have never been accessible to the general public. Expanding the services and products once regulated to a small segment of the population has grown our US economy and other economies around the world.

We cannot just allow old industries to be stagnant and not embrace change. Change is the never-ending mobilizer of life and seeking to stop these technological advances will not succeed.

As humans, we must never stop seeking to change the world. Steve Jobs could have decided to never pursue Apple Computers and revolutionize the computer industry dominated by IBM.

However, he did not allow old technology to stop him so he created one of the most innovative and valuable companies in the world. Jeff Bezos could have decided to stay in his job as an investment banker and never pursue starting Amazon. Amazon has transformed how we shop online, watch movies, shop for groceries and many more.

In the relationship management space, professionals could never have imagined that networking would need a digital solution. Yet, here we are. Working in a virtual environment and desperate to make connections and grow business. It all starts with relationships – so why not start with letting AI help you nurture your connections with contacts.