Tech Watch: The Latest Tech That You Need to Have In Your Life in 2021

Latest Tech

We live in an amazing era of human technological development on this planet. And many of us have no idea just how advanced our technology truly is.

If you think about it, we’ve been to the moon, and that happened over 50 years ago. We’ve built satellites that can track your exact location, and we’ve just commercialized space travel in the last year. It’s an exciting time. But what’s more exciting is the tech that we actually have access to.

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to blast off into space unless the $250,000 price tag for an 11 minute space experience is a mere drop in the bucket for you. But for the rest of us, we’re happy streaming our favorite shows with the latest tech.

Today, we have some of the greatest technology that makes our life easier. And the following are just a few of the gadgets that you’ll want to get to know in 2021.

Streaming Devices

Technology is changing rapidly. In fact, some social scientists agree that we’re advancing beyond our capacity, and our technology seems to be outpacing us in many sectors.

Take streaming services for example. These devices which appeared within the last decade have enabled users to “cut the cord” of traditional cable television, which ran a monopoly on the entertainment industry for decades. And now, streaming apps are all the rage as many of these are offering different features such as online anonymity, which makes their products more competitive and attractive to new users.

As of 2021, streaming devices are still going strong, especially with its plethora of television and movie options available. These services have indeed taken many’s home entertainment to new levels. Furthermore, this industry is forecast to stay competitive for the foreseeable future.

Virtual Assistants

Maybe you’ve asked Siri a question or two before. Or perhaps you and Amazon’s Alexa are good friends these days. Well, this is because the tech that powers virtual assistants has become much more robust in recent years.

Today, everything that can be operated remotely can be automated using a virtual assistant like Alexa. And this industry is set to become even more competitive because of new models and apps that allow you to control everything from the lights in your kitchen to the temperature in your home.

In 2021, you can communicate with your virtual assistant remotely, and even have it turn on the porch light for you if you’re coming home late. And as wireless tech advances, these automation tools will ultimately be able to operate or modify just about anything we own.


Yes, smartphones are on the list for must-have tech of 2021. And this is because, without a smartphone, you’re basically living in the dark ages.

It wasn’t too long ago that we had to navigate microscopic web browsers with a push-button interface. But since the development and marketing of the original iPhone, the way we communicate and socialize has changed tenfold.

Smartphones enable you to network and connect with anyone on the planet, at any time. This real-time ability to communicate has pushed our technological boundaries beyond what anyone thought possible just 20 years ago. And the applications for using this tech are only getting more advanced year after year.

So what’s next? Developments range from hologram projecting wristwatches to actual physical implants which allow one to communicate by neural impulse technology. But don’t freak out just yet, this sort of development is a long way off.

Our technology is what shapes our life experiences. And with the interconnected nature of all the technology we currently have, it’s only logical to deduce that our tech will most likely become much more invasive in the future. But along with this comes a much more convenient life, with everything we need available with only the push of a button.