Fabulous Tech News Apps: iOS and Android

People are constantly moving in the modern world and do love to read from Tech News Apps to get adequate space to read newspapers or catch the freshest headlines on TV. One can stay up-to-date with the various extensive news apps for India that provide you all the breaking news updates, headlines on local and international tech progress, and a lot more.

Most of these apps are convenient for both Android smartphones and iOS. They can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. These are very convenient for you to stay updated with the most current news and developments. 


If you love reading, then you require Medium. Medium is a fantastic web app with funny, original, creative, and Interesting content. The mobile app is even more reliable and comes with audio; instead of reading, users discover it by doing their work. There are a lot of fascinating topics broadcasted by people from the Tech Industry. The contributors in Medium are professionals from the various Tech businesses and record their personal experiences. The users require a membership subscription to obtain unlimited articles. Medium is an excellent alternative if you want to get a different prospect from Tech News.


TechMeme is one of the best support to get updates on what is occurring in the tech world and stay on top. Over time, the folks at TechMeme have only gotten better at getting news that matters. The homepage has headlined with a snippet of the information and a short description if you want to consume more info in less space or only want the headlines.


DailyHunt is one of India’s most popular news hunt apps that delivers hyperlocal news to you in a few clicks. It covers a significant part of the country with information and offers the latest news and updates to you from politics, technology, local news, health, and much more, free of charge. Moreover, it is the best apps to find tailormade and customized updates for you. 

Tech News Apps


It is one of the best news apps covering the tech updates daily on broadway. It sponsors news in flipping style, as its name states. It is filled with an abundance of informative and latest technology features which are neatly organized manner. Flipboard publishes separate magazines for specific industries so that you can subscribe to the latest updated news tech magazines of your choice. You can find the different magazine apps for Productivity, Social Media, Apple News, Android, etc. And you can also produce your magazines and add articles from the web.


This app is similar to Flipboard; the only distinction is the source of news. Log in using social sites or build a Feedly account through email. Feedly gathers its information from different origins like blogs and news platforms. And the great thing is that you can select from which source you would prefer to have the news and updates. It is reasonable to create personalized categories for organizing different types of communication and feeds under Personal Feeds. You have to choose the source and affix it to the class you created in personal feeds. You can rearrange themes between dark and light according to your wish. You can check any news for later and view it in a reading later segment. Moving on, Explore confers you trending information concerning diverse topics; swipe upwards to explore more. You can share the feed on various social media platforms.


The Inshorts app has been adjudged the top news apps to be available anywhere. It decides the most relevant news topics for you daily and gives a short and crisp 60 words summary with all the features and information. The app’s news format comprises only essential information and summaries and no assumptions making the app one of the best platforms for daily news. Moreover, one of the best simple news apps gives the latest news and updates from all categories and content personalized according to user preferences. 


TechCrunch(TC) originated by Michael Arrington in 2005. It is one of the most dependable technology blogs in the world. It’s a vision of a lot of businesspeople to get cover on TechCrunch. TC presents a great view of where the Tech business is directing with interesting upcoming technologies and products. TC blogs are covered with opinions of their writers mixed with the latest news, scoops, and reviews. You must have the TechCrunch app on your phone if you’re looking forward to getting exciting updates, and also, you can catch the company to get updates. The award-winning site is a chief source for over 14 million people every month, while the group also hosts significant industry conventions and events, including Disrupt and multiple meetups worldwide.


Newsy is one of the best compact news apps accessible for the Android platform. It is the most trusted and observed news apps in the US and one of the prominent platforms for reading news in videos. The app will have short videos and news pieces conferring a summary of the news item covering all essential facts and figures. The app will possess a broad category of news sections, including national, international, health, entertainment, science and technology, sports, and business. These news features available in the app are researched and presented in video form, making the news far more honest.

Opera News

If you are searching for news apps for Android free download, there is no better option than Opera News. It is free, fast, and personalized, which means it can provide trending news, videos, and real-time updates at your fingertips. In addition, the app operates in multiple languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and others. Because of its personalized and tailormade news features, it is considered one of the best news apps on Android and iOS. It also saves a lot of data, and you can also read your favorite stories offline.


There are several other reservoirs to update yourself; receiving updates about new tech trends in the market is a must and befitting for people in the IT industry.