Smart Home Renovation: What Can IT Offer?

Smart Home

Home renovations are the perfect time to leverage the latest home technology while customizing your home. With that said, there has been notable growth in the smart home market, and most home renovation companies have started to offer renovation services that fit seamlessly into the design of your home. And if you are willing to go all the way, a smart home renovation comes with numerous benefits. 

Statistics released by Houzz revealed that most homeowners are considering smart home tech, with 28% of the people interviewed saying that it’s on their priority list. Leveraging smart home technology can make your home distinct from other homes in the market, increasing its value in the long run. And, these features are expected in the high-end home market. This brings us to one question: What can IT offer during a smart home renovation? To answer this question, we shall look at the different ways your home renovation can benefit from IT. 

Streamlined workflows

Employees will benefit from utilizing IT during renovation projects such as smart homes because it is expected to streamline their workflow by cutting down on tedious tasks. This is made possible with real-time information and data, which the IT team can collect, organize and make accessible to you in a few moments.

If your main objective is making renovations work within your home design without disrupting the flow of your life, then this benefit will be invaluable for you. For example, if one part of your renovation project requires energy-efficient LED lights that are compatible with Apple Homekit, the whole process of finding products to fit into your home design will be much more streamlined, thanks to IT integration.

Building information modeling (BIM)

Some renovation companies use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to offer real-time solutions for the smart home renovations they do. This digital modeling process combines 3D models with metadata to provide a more accurate representation of a building’s design and components. This information can be used for several uses, such as checking the size of door frames or locating places where smoke detectors can be installed. In this way, smart home renovation companies using BIM can offer comprehensive customer support even during renovations because they know which technologies will work most effectively together.

Project efficiency

In line with the previous benefit, smart home renovation companies that utilize BIM work more efficiently because they comprehensively view the building’s information. For example, a renovation company using this technology does not have to waste time going back and forth to check measurements or ask for clarifications because everything is already laid out in front of them.

This makes their services more cost-efficient since you won’t have to pay hourly rates for their technicians working on projects within your home. In addition, BIM also allows homeowners to get better prices from contractors by providing them with better quotes so you can save up without sacrificing quality.

Technology consulting services

According to the home renovation experts from AFS General, a smart home renovation project goes beyond just offering new technologies for you to buy—it provides advice about available options so you can determine which product best fits your needs. For example, if you are thinking of installing IoT devices into your home, the company should have the knowledge and expertise to recommend technology that will create a balance between seamless integration and affordability. This is just one benefit of consulting services from experienced professionals in the industry.

Reduced renovation costs

Since smart home renovation companies can provide real-time solutions during renovations, they can also help you save on costs by providing accurate quotes or giving suggestions. This benefits homeowners who might not know the latest technologies and how the market has evolved since their last renovation project. With a comprehensive knowledge of available products and their benefits, retailers will be better equipped to give you more realistic numbers on your renovation budget.

In-house solutions

Some renovation companies don’t just offer professional advice on which technology to use for your smart home renovation—they have the knowledge and experience to install these products even before your job begins. This gives you peace of mind since their technicians will handle all the installation work, so you do not need to spend time researching or testing different devices first.

An in-house solution is also beneficial because it allows the company to handle any related issues quickly without dealing with manufacturers directly. As many homeowners can attest, receiving support from manufacturers isn’t always easy due to product design flaws or other problems that are beyond your control—which means you will spend more time and money calling them for help.

Security and safety

With more devices connected to the internet, security and safety become a growing concern for homeowners—especially those with valuable items or smart homes that hackers can steal. Fortunately, IT professionals are aware of these concerns and can help you find advanced technologies that keep your important data safe even if someone tries to hack it. For example, many products now offer two-factor authentication methods via text messages, so you don’t have to worry about uninvited guests or unauthorized access. As technology evolves, there are also innovative ways to prevent home invasions from hackers, such as installing home alarm systems that utilize voice authentication.