Sleek Design, Ultimate Portability: The Evolution of Mobile Pixels Trio

Sleek Design

If you’ve been following the Mobile Pixels Trio train, you must have noticed the evolution of our products. Or maybe you didn’t. Either way, this blog focuses on the design evolution of the Trio series, showcasing how the new Trio takes aesthetics and portability to new heights. The blog will also explore the design choices and engineering innovations that make the Trio product a stylish yet practical companion. If you are ready for this informative and exciting blog, keep reading. Also, if you want to check out the latest Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender, don’t hesitate. With that said, let’s look at the evolution of the brand’s product.

The Story Behind the Glory

Jack Yao founded the idea of the Mobile Pixels laptop extender back when he was working for Amazon. Like every other laptop user, Jack felt the need for more screen space that larger desktops provided. So instead of whining about it, he did something about it with old laptop scraps. He created the first sets of the Mobile Pixels’ laptop screen extenders.

As the days rolled by, the product underwent many quality tests; people have used the extender, and even more, users have done honest reviews. While some were great with all the advantages and testimonies attached to the product, some thoughts were corrective and helpful. Luckily for us and many users, the Mobile Pixels team returned to the laboratory with these comments and brought the latest version of the laptop screen extender. So what are the latest developments?

The New Trio Vs. The Old Trio

Aesthetic Transformation

The Aesthetic of the first-generation Trio was undoubtedly a game-changer. It was also one of the characteristics that changed the game for the product seeing that one screen weighed less than a pen! But even with the positive reviews, it was easy to see how chunky the build looked. In a world where sleek appearances take the lead, and people crave beauty alongside functionality, the team needed a re-do — and they did. With the new Trio, users can embrace improved aesthetics without compromising on functionality, not to mention that they improved functionality. But there’ll be more on that soon. The elegant design transformation of the latest Trio boasts incredibly slim bezels, providing users with the modern feel that sleek products offer.

The Epitome of Portability

Remember when we said the old Trio was as light as half a pen? (Not our words, but of Stephen Ng, Mobile Pixel’s CPO. The new Trio is 20% thinner & 1 pound lighter. Is that even possible? It turns out that it is. The team conveniently chopped off most of the chunkiness that isn’t needed and replaced that with less load, making it effortless to slip into your bag and take it on the go. It is also a relief for your laptop to do all the carrying.

Magnetic Attachment System

If there’s one thing that users seemed to complain about, it’s the attachment system of the old Trio. A renowned review website mentioned that the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop extender “doesn’t always stay attached to a laptop.” Fortunately, this department has also been redefined, and it’s only been great news.

Not only did the evolution of the Mobile Pixels Trio introduce an innovative magnetic attachment system that takes seconds to set up. But it also ensures a seamless and secure dual-screen experience, thanks to its powerful magnets—the former magnetic bonding comprised of four magnetic pads placed at the laptop’s edges. Now, the team has introduced the all-in-one design with a built-in kickstand. You can still use the magnets if you wish. But there’s a better alternative – durable stands without clunky clips. h


Indeed, the old version of the product was highly functional, but who says you can’t make things better? You can explore the four famous screen modes with the new model for better efficiency.

  • Landscape Mode: Here, you’ll use the extender as a typical extended display or a duplicate of your work. It is what the old version was mostly known for.
  • Collaboration Mode: Since the screens are rotational, you can rotate the screen(s) to the back so that it forms a triangle, and you can work with your teammates.
  • Portrait Mode: Most people didn’t know about this feature. But it is now available with the new model. The portrait mode requires you to flip your screen and use the stand as a base. The vertical screen provides more productivity for you, especially if you code, need to read through the text or do some content editing.
  • Presentation Mode: The new model also allows you to flip your screen 180 degrees to the front of your laptop. That way, you can do a 5-minute presentation to a client you met while on your coffee break.


Mobile Pixels didn’t start at the top. Like every company, they started with products that might have been cool then but isn’t as cool anymore. So instead of sulking, the team produced a better version of the product to meet the trends and satisfy its users with quality and premium offers. The major highlights of the latest Trio laptop screen extender are the sleek touch, unbelievably lightweight, better attachment system, and improved functionality offered.