Real world tech assessments to improve hiring processes

hiring process

When it comes to hiring new employees you want to know you are getting the best and sometimes interviews and CVs just don’t cut it, you can often end up employing someone who doesn’t have the experience and skills they said they had during their interview.

To avoid this tech talent Getwith has created an innovative platform called Rviewer. Rviewer allows employers to carry out tech assessments on their potential employees and evaluate them accordingly to show their skill level, thus leading to hiring the right candidate for the job.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Rviewer?

Uses Real-Life Scenarios

So as mentioned above Rviewer tests the applicants to determine their skill level. The way it does this is it uses real-life scenarios to see whether your candidate notices the fault, how they handle it, and if they manage to resolve it.

After doing their research they found that most candidates person better in real-life scenarios rather than puzzle-solving from a whiteboard. Being tested with real-life problems allows the candidate to demonstrate how well they will be able to take control of day-to-day mishaps and problems.

Whereas they found applicants that had to solve a random puzzle drawn on a whiteboard will never truly show their strengths and weaknesses, just that they can or can not solve a puzzle.

Save You Valuable Time

By using Rviewer rather than standard interviewing processes you will be able to cut the time you spend wiggling out the good from the bad. The time you spend interviewing candidates and then getting them in for a trial is valuable and you could be using this time to improve your business.

Rviewer cuts down this time you spend interviewing by roughly half, which is not only time-efficient but ultimately better for your business. 

Allows You To Give Feedback 

We all know that after that ‘sorry you didn’t get the job’ email is sent you will be getting a response from the candidate asking to receive feedback to know why they were not successful. If they didn’t get the job because they could solve a puzzle this wouldn’t be very constructive.

Testing them through Rviewer lets you give constructive feedback and gives them a chance to work on improving those skills for future interviews. You never know once they work on your feedback they might reapply and end up being your top developer, so it’s always worth doing after the interview process ends.

Ensures You Are Hiring The Right Person For The Job Let’s be honest, hiring a developer isn’t cheap, so when you are paying someone a lot of money you expect them to have a certain level of skill.

You want to make sure you have hired the right person for the job as hiring the wrong person for the job is always painstaking, you then have the dilemma of firing them and starting the interview process all over again or using precious resources to train the new employees to a level you expected on the offset.

Neither of these options is good for business, so using a platform like Rviewer helps avoid this by giving you the best candidate for the job from the offset.