Odense – Zendesk Guide Theme


Odense theme is a way to alter the way customers perceive your service. Try Odense for your branding solutions, personalization and improvement.

         The price includes taxes

         A singular payment required

         All original content remains unchanged

         The benefits you acquire

         1. Odense can be used by Professionals or Enterprises and is suitable for both (Lite Plan will not work for you in case if you need a custom theme installed, you will have to additionally use Copenhagen upgrade).

         2. It can be easily used with all kinds of new browsers.

         3. Odense includes all integral Guide features.

         4. Icons and colors can be personalized.

         5. It is possible to use extra tools for formatting

         6. Table of Contents and Sidebar Navigation

         7. Prev Next buttons and Alerts

What is the Odense theme?

         Odense is one of custom themes that software professionals have designed in order to show Help Centers from a different perspective. All the themes are completely suitable for Guides as well as the details Zendesk suggests.

         Consequently, features such as Sidebar Navigation and Prev/Next buttons are always very easy to find as well as all the categories and icons.

         In case you would like your social accounts or some other pages to work in coherence with it, Odense can arrange that as well. You just need to use custom links in the footer and your work will be even better accustomed.

         Probably the most convincing advantage Odense gives you is that it already includes practically everything you might need for comfortable and efficient performance. There will be no need to make any additional payments once you have purchased it.

         For those who want to go one step further, there is an option of using GrowthDot editor for changing fonts, colors, etc.

         Multiple Device Solution

         One of the troubles you can encounter when you use themes is inability to use various devices which is obviously crucial nowadays. That is why it was one of GrowthDot’s priorities to make the products usable and adaptable for all sizes and kinds of display. It is also suitable for any browser so you will not be limited to only one option.

         Formatting Possibilities

         Combining great design with a good structure is key to creating a perfect product. With Odense you do not have to compromise looks for readability – you can have both at the same time. GrowthDot’s tools for formatting, such as Callout Blocks, Table of Content and Icons will help you improve your designs radically.

         Create a unique experience for your users and make sure to get all of the advantages the modern approach offers without any extra plugins.

         Odense Preview

         Customize your pages and make your experience memorable.

         Effortless experience with Odense


         It is no longer necessary to have any coding skills once you have chosen Odense. You can easily apply any branding solution with GrowthDot’s editor and choose the best coloring, icons, images, etc. If you do not want to do this, however, you always have an option to use the Branding service and trust the specialists with this task.

         Installing Odense

         Installing software can be the most complicated part of the whole process. Understanding this GrowthDot has done everything to simplify it for you and give you an opportunity to use a free installation service.

         If you want to do everything yourself, use the manual that contains all the instructions.


         If you still find that there is more you can do, you will be glad to find that the coding process will be easy and transparent. With basic knowledge of HTML/CSS one will easily take personalization even further. GrowthDot has done everything possible to make sure that all your requirements are met.


         Immediate Access

         It takes 3-5 minutes to go from choosing to using Odense. You will get the file and be able to download it easily. Everything you need is included so there will be no delays.

         Compatibility benefits

         It is very important for us at Zendesk to ensure that the products are all compatible and interact when necessary. Odense is no exception – it covers everything from beginning to end.

         Demo-version  Accessibility

         In case you are not sure how well Odense will fit your requirements, you can find all the answers in GrowthDot’s live demo. Once you experience it yourself you will be sure that what you are purchasing is what you need and avoid pointless expenses.

         Transparent Code

         Problems such as bugs, errors or delays have been fixed before releasing a product so there is no need to worry about possible crushes. GrowthDot experts have conducted all the appropriate testings and created a transparent code that makes your user experience nice, simple and pleasant.

         Awesome Icons

         Icons can make a great solution if you need some extra touch to the appearance of your Help Center. Luckily, Odense is equipped with more than 700 free icons from Font Awesome you can personalize. With such a variety you can be sure to find something up to your taste.

         The Best Independent Branding

         Default Zendesk features give you lots of opportunities. However, if you want to take a few steps further, GrowthDot has something for you too. Use a variety of advanced adjustable features to make your Help Center completely unique.

         Free Installation

         Installing software is a process most people would rather avoid or at least postpone. Taking this into consideration GrowthDot offers a free installation that will save you these efforts and let you go straight to using Zendesk with Odense theme.

         Languages Available

         The best way to make sure your service becomes possible is to be accessible for people from all over the globe. To do so you need to use various languages for your titles, buttons and information. This can be done with the Dynamic Content feature.

         Supporting Extensions

         Odense has been developed to match different extensions one may seek. Your theme will be easy to personalize and the results will be smooth and satisfying.