New features on Slack you’ll want to know about


Are you a Slack user? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that there are some new features that have been added to make your experience even better! From reminders, to Google Calendar integration, e-discovery for Slack to the latest emoji menu and /shrug command – these updates will definitely enhance your communication and productivity on the platform. So without further ado, let’s dive into the details of these exciting new Slack features!

@slackbot reminders

Are you forgetful when it comes to deadlines or meetings? Well, with the new @slackbot reminders feature on Slack, you can set yourself helpful reminders that will pop up in your chat window.

To set a reminder, all you have to do is type “@slackbot” and then “remind me to [insert task] at [insert time]” in any channel or direct message. You can also add more details such as repeating the reminder daily, weekly or monthly.

One great thing about this feature is that it allows for natural language input – so if you’re not sure what time something starts, just use phrases like “later today” instead of specific times. Plus, if someone else sets a reminder for a group project deadline, everyone involved will receive notification!

This function is incredibly useful and makes managing your tasks much easier – helping you stay organized and productive throughout your day!

Google Calendar integration

One of the most exciting new features on Slack is its integration with Google Calendar. Now, you can easily view and manage your upcoming events without leaving the platform.

The integration works by syncing your Google Calendar with Slack’s calendar app, allowing you to see all of your scheduled meetings and appointments in one place. You can even receive reminders for upcoming events through Slackbot.

To get started, simply connect your Google account to Slack and enable the calendar app. From there, all of your scheduled events will be automatically imported into Slack’s calendar feature.

But that’s not all – you can also create new events directly from within Slack using natural language commands. Simply type something like “schedule a meeting tomorrow at 2pm” and let slack do the rest!

With this powerful integration between two essential productivity tools, managing your schedule has never been easier or more convenient!

The new emoji menu

Slack has recently introduced a new emoji menu that promises to make communication more fun and interactive. The previously limited set of emojis has been expanded, with the addition of various categories such as people, food and drink, animals, and travel. This makes it easier for users to find the perfect emoji to express their thoughts or feelings.

The new emoji menu also includes a dedicated section for frequently used emojis. This feature is especially useful for those who tend to use certain emojis repeatedly in their conversations. It saves time and effort by providing quick access to commonly used emojis without having to search through the entire list.

Another great feature is the ability to react with multiple emojis on a message. Users can now add up to 10 different reactions on any given message which adds more depth and nuance when reacting.

Slack’s new emoji menu adds an extra layer of personalization and creativity in team communication. Whether you want a more expressive way to convey emotions or simply want your messages stand out from others’, this update allows you do so effortlessly while making messaging even more enjoyable than ever before!

The /shrug command

Have you ever found yourself wanting to express a feeling of uncertainty or indifference in a Slack conversation? Well, the /shrug command is here to help! This new feature allows you to quickly insert the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoticon into your message.

To use this command, simply type “/shrug” followed by your message. The shrugging person emoji will then appear in your message, indicating that you are unsure about something or have no strong feelings about it.

This can be especially useful for team members who may not feel comfortable expressing their opinions directly or those who want to add a touch of humor to their messages. Plus, it saves time compared to typing out “I’m not sure” or “It doesn’t matter.”

The /shrug command is just one more way that Slack continues to make communication easier and more efficient for teams. So go ahead and give it a try next time you’re feeling uncertain – ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How to use Slack’s new features

Slack’s new features are designed to make your work easier and more organized. Here are some tips on how to use them effectively:

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the Slackbot reminders feature. You can set reminders for yourself or others by simply typing a command for the bot, such as “/remind me to submit my report at 3 pm”. This is especially useful when you have a lot on your plate and need a little help staying on top of things.

Next up is Google Calendar integration. You can now connect your Google calendar directly with Slack, allowing you to see all of your upcoming events without leaving the app. Simply type “/gcal” followed by the date range you want to view.

Don’t forget about the new emoji menu! This may seem like a minor addition, but it can actually save you quite a bit of time in conversations. Instead of scrolling through pages of emojis trying to find what you need, just click on the smiley face icon in the message box and search for it.

We have the /shrug command. If you’re ever unsure about something or don’t know how to respond in a conversation, simply type “/shrug” and watch as an animated person shrugs their shoulders appear in chat! It’s silly but effective at conveying uncertainty.

By utilizing these new features effectively, you’ll be able to streamline communication within Slack and get more done throughout your day without leaving it so much up-to-chance!


In summary, Slack continues to improve and add new features to make it a more efficient and enjoyable platform for teams. The slackbot reminders provide an easy way of staying on top of tasks while the Google Calendar integration streamlines scheduling processes. The new emoji menu adds a touch of fun and personality to conversations, while the /shrug command is perfect for conveying a sense of uncertainty or indifference.

To fully utilize these features, take some time to explore Slack’s settings and experiment with their functions. You may discover even more useful tools that can help boost your team’s productivity.

These updates are just the start of what we can expect from Slack in the future. With their commitment to innovation and improving user experience, we’re excited about what’s next for this popular communication tool.