Netflix Subscription and Saving Data on Your Postpaid Plan

Netflix Subscription and Saving Data

Technology has come a long way, and nowadays, individuals are more open to streaming subscriptions rather than watching a movie in the theaters. Some are also ditching their cable subscriptions which can cost more than a hundred bucks each month, and instead, get the ones like Netflix that are more affordable and with plenty of options to choose from.

People who are always out and about are more into applications that they can access on mobile, and this is not surprising. They are more convenient, and thereís no need to get those cords installed on their TV when they want to enjoy a movie or two. Some of the reasons why streaming services are popular even if they can only be accessed through a subscription are the following:

Convenient to Many Subscribers

Nowadays, a lot of people are busy with their jobs, families, businesses, and other priorities that no one wants to be tied to a schedule, even if itís their favorite TV series. This means that they are now being choosy and only watch those that are available after hours, and with Netflix, this is now the case. They can binge-watch the first few episodes on a weekend, and the other shows can be consumed while they are commuting to work or sitting at a bus stop.

Scalability at its Finest

Only pay for the plans that are part of your mobile data package and get the new series at your fingertips whenever you want. Ignore the ones that youíre not interested in, get some nitty-gritty true crime, comedy, or romance that might interest you, and pay only for a single-user feature if you want to.

Personalized Recommendations

Netflix offers you a new series to watch and may send you upcoming movies that you may be interested in based on your history. Discover hidden gems based on your viewing profile, and each is targeted based on your current interests.

Amount of Data that You Need

Since streaming services and content creators are on the rise, youíll never get bored with the options out there. Get new uploads from your interests each week and binge-watch their older videos. However, you also need to watch out for your usage of mobile data, and this is especially true for the younger generations. Aside from watching content, they may also need to complete an email that their boss has requested, message their friends for a Friday night out, and comment on the latest gossip.

Activities online are now done through smartphones, and fortunately, youíll be able to get a postpaid subscription that can meet your needs. These are great for those with kids and those that are single. Choose the option that you need through sites like and see what their other offers are. If you find yourself frequently running out of data, then it might be the right time to get the convenience that you deserve by subscribing to a plan where everything is replenished each month.

Monitoring your Activities

Itís hard to know which package might work best for you. Network providers have a wide range of plans that will enable you to get calls, texts, and data each month, and you might be locked-in into a single package for a year or two. However, when you donít have any of these subscriptions, it might be the right time to consider one.

People who are frequently commuting and with a 5G smartphone might find it convenient to get unlimited data. This way, they wonít get charged extra each month, and thereís no limit that they can go over. Legacy plans might charge a consumer with each megabyte consumed, and before long, they might be up to several thousand NOKs if they are not careful.

Connections like 4G LTE will take around 10 kilobytes if youíre checking an email, and it might be around 500 KB to gain access to a social media platform. For those who are using HD and 4K streaming features, they can use around 1 GB of data in just an hour.

This is why itís always a good option to watch movies on Wi-Fi or download them at home and watch them on the train later on. This is going to give you access to the show without using any mobile data and you can spend hours offline without consuming your data allowance. As many users experience, the cheaper plans may offer only around 8 GB of data each month, and others can be up to 24 GB. 

Figures like these are not enough if an individual is a heavy internet user. The best thing to do is to get an app that can track real-time usage and go to your phoneís settings to know more about this. Also, if youíre not locked into a plan, you can access your current bill and see the amount that you and the other family members are using. Teensí favorite pastime might be to watch a lot of YouTube videos and reels late at night, so it might be a good idea to get something that will suit their needs too.

How to Never Go Over Your Limit?

Since you can use data in almost anything, itís now becoming an essential part of your everyday life. This is the same with many people too because they can use it to book a ride to work, send payments, get an update on their bills, schedule video conferences, and as mentioned, get hours of entertainment. Itís not about watching Netflix anymore but streamlining your daily activities and making sure that youíre becoming efficient with your operations.

However, just like any other expense, this is something that you need to take charge of because too much streaming can cause an unexpected rise in your bill and extra charges. Below are some tips that can help you take more control of your mobile subscription.

Know the Package that youíve Signed Up For

Telecommunications companies offer a wide range of services and plans that can cater to a lot of people. However, you have to know your limit when you want to get a subscription to one of these. Itís a good thing to have your basic services getting replenished each month, but this is a different story when youíre always going overboard. It can be a pain to pay more than what youíve signed up for, so make sure to know the features and use them accordingly.

Set up your Phone to Send Alerts

Go to your settings and put a limit on the amount of data that you can use on your mobile each month. Putting a cap will mean that youíre going to be protected from unfair charges, and other carriers are going to send you a message when youíre nearing your allocation. 

Align your usage according to when the plan will refresh so you can maximize everything. In some cases, some of the data will roll over to the next month, so youíll have extra but make sure to ask your provider if this is the case first.

Check the streaming apps that youíre using often and see if they are showing videos with the best qualities. A 4K streaming will cost more GBs, and this is something that you would want to avoid if you have limited data. Heavier browsing should be done through Wi-Fi, and make sure that your mobile data connection is always off during these times. Selecting the right app manager that has notifications, alarms, real-time reports, and historical charts is extremely helpful. Whatís best, they are free too!

When you know that you donít have that much left, turn off automatic updates and avoid tethering your computer to your phone. Instead, set the downloads to manual and change the settings to do the updates when youíre connected to Wi-Fi. See more about Wireless Fidelity when you click here.

Lite options on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger can also consume less data. They might not offer some features, and these platforms may not have the bells and whistles available to many people, but they take a shorter time when you want to message someone, and they are not going to consume a lot of space on your phone.

Smart Browsing Habits

Be vigilant and proactive with your data allowance, and develop a healthy habit of closing browsers when in idle mode. Android phones have features that allow users to close unused apps, while iOS lets the users swap up those that are taking a lot of RAM and data on their phone.

Uploading files and a two-hour movie streaming can take a lot of data, so itís best to connect to Wi-Fi during these times. Just save your internet so you can still access it when youíre going to a new place or if you need some work done while in a coffee shop.

Do a Quick Diagnosis

Getting a detailed overview of the exact number of GBs that youíve burned will help you to become aware of what youíre using and why you might be going overboard in your bill. Some of the top culprits are often web browsers and background streaming of video applications, and you need to close them so you wonít get charged. A few megabytes spent here and there can add up over time, so getting a breakdown on whatís taking place will help you a lot.

Unnecessary Background Trickle

After starting to know whatís eating your current monthly data plan, you might want to limit unnecessary use of background and news apps that can make some things worse. Donít sync data and disable notifications if the apps are not helpful with your daily life. Close the notorious guzzlers and save more in the process.