Most Common Problems with Smart Home Technology Systems

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An average household looks completely different now. Technology has changed how we live, and we can now rely on it for many tasks in our homes. Smart devices are everywhere, making our lives a lot easier these days. You can trust a smart home device to regulate your home’s temperature, vacuum and mop the floors, turn the lights off and on, and so much more. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can improve your household’s security, comfort, and energy efficiency. However, that’s the theoretical part of owning smart home technology. But what happens in practice? Unfortunately, everything is not as smooth as it sounds, as technology can also go through some issues. Here are the most common problems with smart home technology systems you should homeowners face – and how to solve them.

Activation issues

Whenever you get a gadget that should increase the security of your dream smart home, you expect you can rely on it at all times. However, that’s not always the case, and it can be pretty frustrating. Sometimes gadgets have activation issues, where they go on and off without your control. This requires constant surveillance on your part, which is not precisely the point of this installation. Such an issue is common for cameras and other devices containing motion sensors. To avoid false alarms and unnecessary wake-ups in the middle of the night, investigate the device’s settings and set up its ‘smart zone’ features. Explore the possibilities of your device and adjust the settings to your needs.

a woman turning on a smart home vacuum cleaner

Have your gadgets turn on and off at the right time.

Security threats

Apps always seek your permission to access certain data or other apps. Even though that’s mostly fine, it can also raise certain security issues. Data harvesting and similar problems are common with all the technology around us, so reading the fine print before you click ‘Accept all’ is necessary.

Glitches in the internet connection

Let’s begin with the one thing smart home technology systems can’t work without – an internet connection. Lack of constant internet connection may cause different problems with smart home devices. They can reset to default settings, fail to make all of the footage, turn on and off, etc. There are several solutions to this problem:

  • Checking your internet infrastructure bit by bit to look for an issue;
  • Consult with your internet provider for a better internet plan that’s suitable for the size of your home and the number of devices on the network;
  • Switching the internet provider for a more reliable one. Consumer Opinion experts advise comparing a couple of service providers not only for the internet but also for any other services in your home. This will ensure you’ve got a realistic idea of what’s the most quality, cost-efficient solution for your needs.
  • Hard resetting the router or investing in a high-quality router that will meet the demands of your household;
  • Relocating your router to a better location in your home.
a woman using a phone to check her internet connection

Inconsistent internet connection is one of the most common problems with smart home technology systems.


Having multiple smart home devices in your home is excellent, but it can happen they won’t operate with each other. This is due to interoperability – devices are incompatible, so communication between them is at risk. Different manufacturers make devices that work well with a specific home system, which might not be the one you use in your home. At the same time, the market is pretty inconsistent, so there’s probably not a manufacturer that can make all the devices you’ll like, need or have the budget for. That’s why you should pick your devices carefully, especially if you plan to get one at a time. Choose a home system first, and select the one that makes the most sense for your devices. It doesn’t hurt to explore a little bit and see what’s on the market now, so you can choose devices that will be friendly to each other.

Battery drainage  

Many homeowners expect their devices to be charged only once in a while. However, one of the most common problems with smart home technology is fast battery drainage. Owning different devices around your home can be very helpful and fun – until you realize you need to take care of them regularly. Depending on the device, their batteries can drain much faster than you think, and once it happens, the device is useless. Wireless devices can drain the battery even after a couple of weeks, so ensure you do everything to extend battery life. You can check if devices have a stable connection, as a constant search for Wi-Fi will drain the battery faster. Also, the battery drains fast if the device is located too far from the router, so it struggles to maintain the connection. Finally, ensure your gadgets are turned off when you don’t need or use them, extending battery life and making them more energy-efficient.

battery on a white surface

Battery low – how to make battery life longer?

Regular maintenance doesn’t need to be time consuming

Replacing batteries and taking care of your home requires a lot of time, energy, and money. Therefore, as you already have gadgets to help you out around the house, simplifying the maintenance process is one more step forward. Home Warranty or home protection plan will ensure you keep your home in top shape and don’t worry about maintenance, replacement, and other details of devices and appliances in your home. However, be sure to explore a couple of options, so you can pick the services you can truly rely on.

Choose quality devices that won’t cause you trouble

Even though common problems with smart home technology can happen with any brand, it’s better to choose quality gadgets and not waste money on repairs. Pick products with the best price value – read reviews, listen to recommendations, and follow technology trends and news. Smart home technology can be beneficial and make our homes more functional and comfortable – yet we need to do our best to minimize the risk of issues they can cause.

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