Mira, a startup specializing in AR headsets, has been acquired by Apple

Mira, a startup specializing in AR headsets, has been acquired by Apple

Apple has completed the acquisition of Mira, an augmented reality (AR) startup based in Los Angeles. The CEO’s private Instagram account and a reliable source confirm the news. The purchase took place just a day after Apple introduced its Vision Pro mixed reality headset, priced at $3,499, positioning it as an innovative “spatial” computing platform. While the financial details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, Mira had previously secured approximately $17 million in funding. Notably, Jony Ive, Apple’s former design chief, had served as an advisor to Mira in the past, as disclosed by two anonymous former employees.

In line with its standard practice, Apple provided a generic statement stating that it acquires smaller technology companies without discussing specific intentions or plans. The fate of Mira’s military contracts under Apple’s ownership is uncertain, but it seems unlikely that they will be continued, given Apple’s operating approach.

Mira had military agreements with the US Air Force and Navy, with records and press releases indicating a $702,351 contract with the Navy and a smaller one with the Air Force. The military pilots at Travis Air Force Base were using Mira’s Prism Pro headset to view heads-up equipment instructions. Mira’s website highlights the company’s commitment to delivering scalable hardware and software solutions for augmented reality, specifically tailored to empower frontline workers with vital communication tools and information.

Additionally, Mira had secured a significant contract with Nintendo World, providing headsets for the popular Mario Kart ride at theme parks in Japan and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The headsets enhance the ride by displaying virtual characters and items from the game.

As part of the acquisition, Apple has onboarded at least 11 employees from Mira, as revealed in a private Instagram post by CEO Ben Taft. Taft expressed excitement about Mira’s new chapter at Apple, remarking on the company’s journey over seven years, from a dorm room to an acquisition.