Keyless Locks for Homes that are Compatible with Android Devices

Keyless Locks for Homes

With the growing popularity of smart homes, many people are debating whether or not to invest in smart home locks. Some people value the freedom of keyless home entry, the ability to remotely control property security, and the additional peace of mind that comes with knowing door status while miles away, among other benefits. Others consider the disadvantages, such as the possibility of technological failure, the risk of hackers, and reliance on the power supply.

Smart home locks, regardless of opinion, remain essential if one wishes to have a truly smart home. The automated security devices enable homeowners to control the doors to their properties using their smartphones. Although imperfect, they are part of the race to secure living in the twenty-first century. The following are the most important details about keyless locks that you should be aware of:

Selecting the Best Smart Locks

The fundamental feature of all automated locks is the ability to operate doors via a smart lock app using the internet or a Bluetooth connection. There are, however, various models with a wide array of features. Some models include functions that go beyond the basics. Some smart lock apps allow you to control the door with voice commands, while others allow you to grant special access to certain people, such as friends, family, and cleaners.

Choosing the best keyless locks for your needs can be difficult because the ‘one size fits all’ mantra rarely applies in this context. A variety of factors influence the decision to use robotic locks. A basic understanding of the subject is necessary for sound decision-making. It is also a good idea to read some online reviews for up-to-date information. However, seeking the professional advice of an experienced locksmith is the best option.

Prices should also be considered during the selection process. Smart home locks are significantly more expensive than traditional locks. People in today’s market can expect to spend at least $100. With this amount, a homeowner can enjoy the benefits of keyless home entry’s basic features.

However, high-end smartlock models with better features can be purchased for higher prices. Controlling the keyless locks from any remote location, receiving email notifications and push messages, and controlling the smart door using voice commands are just a few of the features available. To enjoy such features, one may have to pay double or triple the price. However, seeking information from a certified dealer will provide you with the most accurate information.

Despite their varying prices, some of the most highly recommended keyless locks currently on the market include:

  1. August Wi-Fi – (4th Generation)
  2. August Smart Lock (3rd Generation) Silver
  3. Schlage Camelot Connect – Aged Bronze
  4. Kwikset Smart Code 888 – Smart Lock
  5. Lockly Secure Pro – Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock
  6. Yale Assure Lock SL – Key Free
  7. Lockly PGD 728F – Smart Deadbolt Door Lock
  8. Nest x Yale Lock – Tamper-Proof Smart Lock

Common Keyless Home Entry Problems and Workable Solutions

Convenient, keyless home entry is not without flaws. The most common concerns among homeowners who use AI-enabled technologies to lock their homes are their smart devices refusing to install a security update and proficient hackers hacking their way into a home. However, while problems may arise, they can all be avoided or, at the very least, resolved.

A lockout is one of the issues that is a serious negative in automated locks. Smart locks do not always work as they should. Unfortunately, such malfunctions are expensive, especially when the app of the defective smart lock is the primary gateway to the premises. At times, a minor issue may be the source of the problem. At times, the problem may be severe and necessitate the intervention of a professional.

If the problem is not resolved quickly and effectively, it is always best to hire a traditional locksmith. Traditional locksmiths, despite their age, understand how to work around such problems. Their experiences may be very useful, especially if they are up to date on current technological events.

Other common concerns revolve around cybersecurity. Among them is the possibility of system failure if the lock manufacturer releases a faulty update. Automatic lock manufacturers, like all humans, make mistakes, causing their clients to experience unprecedented lock errors. To avoid this, it is best to avoid locks that are connected to the internet. Locks with a ‘Bluetooth connection’ are generally safer because they are not subject to constant updates.

When preventing unauthorized access to premises, the same prevention method is effective. Smart locks that do not require internet access are effective in preventing hackers from planting ransomware or accessing the facility with other malicious intent.


In today’s technological age, upgrading to smart locks is almost unavoidable. However, it is best to use keyless locks that best suit your needs and have the fewest problems. In the event of cybersecurity or mechanical issues, it is strongly advised to consult a professional, such as a traditional locksmith.