Japan and their Tech Desires

Japanese tech

Japan has been known as the home of technology for a long time. With so many different innovations coming out of the country, itís no shock that it has managed to build up a stellar reputation. But, how has this changed over the last few years? We have explored further to find out more.

Mobile Online Casinos

This is something that has been growing in Japan for a while now. Online gamblers in Japan have been moving towards playing at mobile online casinos. While online casinos arenít the only mobile choice, online sportsbooks are also offered, but they do tend to be more popular than other methods of gambling.

This has led to mobile online casinos becoming a big part of the gambling culture in Japan. It hasnít caused people to abandon land-based sites or desktop casinos, rather itís just opened up the market to a greater number of people. This is mainly, because the culture within Japan is heavily geared towards mobile devices. The ease of use, as well as readily available access for the majority of the population, means that mobile online casinos look like they are here to stay.


It would be naive to believe that Japan is the only place in the world that has a hand in crypto. China has been very active in this field for a while, which has perhaps taken some of the attention off Japan. However, itís not really mining that has become popular in Japan, itís the other possibilities for crypto.

Because the blockchain offers lots of potential for development, this has started to garner a lot of support in Japan. Video game development is one area that is keeping a close eye on what crypto can do. Many Japanese developers feel that they could use the blockchain to create a fully interactive sandbox video game soon.

While there are no cast iron plans at this moment in time, there has been a lot of talk within the industry about whatís possible. Some American developers have put prototypes out using the Ethereum blockchain, so it wonít be long before Japanese developers follow suit, and attempt to craft a superior product. After all, Japan has long been known as the centre of the world for innovative, and cutting-edge video games.

Autonomous Cars

It goes without saying that this is something the whole world is looking into. Self-driving cars are the dream of the future. In fact, after hover cars, these are perhaps the most desired pieces of technology. As such, itís something that Japan is looking into in a serious way. Japan, and Tokyo in particular, have long been known as a place where robots make the lives of people easier. So, it goes without saying, that self-driving cars are something that many in Japan are really looking forward to. One big reason for this, is that the population in Japan is growing old. So, self-driving cars could offer some independence to the older population, and allow them to continue to visit built-up areas and travel the country.