Industries That Are Being Revolutionized by Tech

Technology has come on enormously even just in the past ten years, meaning that we can now communicate with people on the other side of the world instantaneously, sit in a car while it parks itself and even take recreational flights into space.

This year has seen some truly revolutionary technology being implemented across multiple industries which is likely to change the way that we live our lives forever.


The recent pandemic has meant that educational establishments have had to quickly find ways to deliver their teaching without needing to gather students and teachers together in a building. They have invested a great deal of time and money into online communication platforms, which have to work for hundreds of people at the same time, as well as centralized locations for submission of work. This is an exciting development because it will ultimately mean that education can now be provided in a more flexible manner, which makes it more accessible.

Nursing courses have also started utilizing virtual reality as a training tool. This means that nurses can practice their responses to medical situations as often as they need to, rather than having to wait until the situation occurs in real life on a placement. This will mean that nurses can go out into the field, feeling more confident in their abilities.


People who enjoy placing bets will no longer have to go into a bookie if they want to be able to watch live sporting events and place bets in real-time. The Unibet App allows its customers to live stream sporting events and place bets as they watch, all from the comfort of their own home or when they are out on the go!


Healthcare is perhaps the industry that is being changed the most prolifically by emerging technology. Healthcare providers are making use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning to develop new ways to treat their patients.

For example, the Da Vinci robot has been taught to perform surgery by tracking how hundreds of surgeons around the world perform certain procedures. This means that the robot has more experience than a human surgeon could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime, with the bonus that robots do not get tired or have ‘off’ days like people do. The robot could mean that the success rating of surgeries is much higher than it is now.

A ‘smart bandage’ has also been developed, which means that healthcare providers can see how wounds are healing without ever having to remove the bandage, which lessens the risk of infection. They also provide much more information than a physical examination, such as temperature and rate of healing.


Airbnb connects people with spare rooms and entire properties to rent with people all over the world. This business simply wouldn’t be possible without technology. Apps like Karshare are following a similar model; only they allow people to rent out their cars. This will cut down on the number of cars being bought because people will be making the most of the times that cars are sitting empty on people’s driveways.

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