Improve Excel Skills To Do Smart Work Through This Microsoft Training Program

Improve Excel Skills To Do Smart Work Through This Microsoft Training Program

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Do you want to improve your Excel Skills which is the popular tool of Microsoft Office Suite? Learn to upgrade your skills through this Microsoft Excel Training Program to carry out your calculation faster and easier. If you want to know what skills you want to improve then you have come upon the right platform.

Before talking about the skills, let’s first focus on this question: What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool designed by Microsoft which allows its users to execute their analysis of data through the use of spreadsheets. It helps users to keep the record of their customer by storing the data in the spreadsheets. To carry out the work smoothly and to save your time and efforts, here are some of the unique tips which you must adopt to improve your Excel skills and to take undue advantage of Microsoft Excel. These tips will not only improve the basics of your Microsoft Skills but also make your work simpler and easy.

Tips To Boost Your Excel Skills

1.   Learn Shortcuts

The fundamental thing which you must improve for your Excel skills is to learn how to master shortcuts while working on the Excel sheets. The shortcuts make your work more convenient on Excel and save a lot of time for its users. By using only the keys of your keyboard, you can increase the accuracy and productivity of your work. If you know the shortcuts, you can complete the task within a seconds without investing a lot of time on. Some of the examples of shortcuts are Ctrl+A for selecting the entire worksheet, Ctrl+O to open your workbook, Alt+H, H to fill the colour in your cell, Ctrl+B to bold your text and many more. You can even learn the frequently used shortcuts from Microsoft itself.

2.   Grasp How to Filter Your Data

Another important thing which you must learn is how to filter your data. Filtering allows you to hide the data which might not be useful for you. It is the most powerful tool that allows you to filter more than one column. If you have a large spreadsheet and you are looking for a specific category, then you must use Auto filtering to do smarter work. To use Auto Filtering, you need to press the Data tab, then click on the filter option and finally click on the Auto Filter option to filter your result and to find as per your requirements.

3.   Study How to Import Your Data

Importing Data from the website into your Excel sheet is one of the important things which you must learn while improving your Excel skills. You need to pick up huge-ton of data that might be useful for your project, however picking up the data manually might consume a lot of your time but Excel provides you with an opportunity to convert your data from the website into a worksheet. To do this, click on the file option> click on Import External Data> click on New Web Query. After completing these steps, you can paste the website link on the address bar of your Excel sheet and you will see how the data of the website has been converted into the Excel sheet.

4.   Master the Formulas

Excel is filled with formulas, however, it becomes difficult to remember each of them. If you want to work smarter and carry out your calculation smoothly and faster, then you must jot down formulas which you must be using every day or you can write them on a piece of paper and paste that paper on a wall to memorize these formulas. Excel is all about mathematical and statistical functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT etc or lookup functions such as VLOOKUP, MATCH INDEX etc. Don’t go for array formulas which tend to make your work slow and somewhat difficult, try using simpler functions and operations to complete your task

5.   Learn to make use of Pivot Table Tools

Pivot Table is one of the top skills which you must to improve accuracy while working on spreadsheets. The Pivot Table makes your data presentable by cutting, arranging and sorting out one large spreadsheet into a new table. The Pivot Table allows you to select the column or row of your spreadsheet and choose which data you want to manipulate. It automatically matches the data thereby, giving you quick summaries from the large spreadsheet. To improve speed and productivity, learn the pivot table tools.

6.   Use Autocorrect and Autofill Option

Microsoft Excel provides you with an opportunity to explore functions such as Autocorrect and Autofill to type less. With the use of the Autocorrect option, you can simply correct all your mistakes and misspelt words. To use the Autocorrect option, click on the file tab and press the icon of option, select proofing and then press the Autocorrect option. The Autofill option allows you to type less and saves a great deal of your time. To enable the Autofill option, click on the button of your mouse and move the cursor download, the Autofill option will automatically work on it.

7.   Learn How to Work with Multiple Worksheets

 The last thing which I want to mention for you is to learn how to work with multiple worksheets to complete your task within a second. To maintain the consistency of your worksheets, you need to learn the group and format techniques which will allow you to group all your sheets for editing, entering the data, formatting the data or printing  the data at the same time. To carry out all these functions simultaneously, the grouping feature of Excel will help you out. To do grouping, you must follow these steps:

  • Click on the first sheet tab by using the shift key.
  • Click on the last sheet of the tab which you want to include in group selection.
  • Once the worksheets are grouped you can enter titles on one worksheet which will be entered in another worksheet as well.

I hope the above 7 tips will help you to polish your skills and work on Microsoft Excel as a professional Excel user.

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