How We Optimize A ZTE 5G Smart Network?


The ZTE intelligent 5G platform optimization solution with AI algorithms as its core, meets the requirements of multiple scenarios such as coverage, interference, capacity, rate and ZTE 5G Nets parameters to solve problems such as more complex parameters and greater user perception demands for a 5G reconstruction system.

Key features

  • Fast self-assessment: NetNumen U31 gathers MR information, EMS settings, KPIs, Big Data platform alarms and EMS logs, and quickly analyses network quality and current issues using the clustered algorithm.
  • Efficient self-decision: Network optimization policies and performance optimization parameters are quickly identified by AI algorithms focused on neural network simulation and genetic optimization.
  • Closed Loop sanity: The AI software platform delivers parameters of configuration and optimizes site parameters via EMS to reliably increase network efficiency.

Value for business

Greatly increase mobile performance. Enhance network issue accuracy capabilities.

Enhance digital transformation networks automation and construction.

Industry focus related

  • 5G Accurate Planning
  • 5GC Auto-inclusion
  • Going to live in 5G
  • Smart O&M 5G
  • 5G Manage Quality Service 

5G Accurate Planning

ZTE created a detailed 5G planning approach based on 4G network data in order to address the precise network planning issue in the early stage of 5G network growths. The approach is built on 4G wireless network data such as PM/MR data, engineering parameters and geographical data by scenario station selection, combined with field environment and user data preparation parameters, reliable prediction of network coverage and intelligent reduction of its importance. In order to encourage operators’ investment in the most value-added area, aid operators in the exploration of the optimal Network construction solution and increase cost efficiency in network construction, the solution also thoroughly analyses the site’s priority on the foundation of investment profits. This approach supports the integral planning solution in combination with current 4G/5G network data during the implementation of the 5G network.

Most important

  • support the overall collaborative 4G/5G network planning, identifies areas of value based on existing network data, utilizes existing resources to their fullest extent, saves investing and maximizes the operators’ investment income.
  • The coverage forecast is more appropriate for the real current network, and predictive exactness is vastly increased by main technological means, such as accurate targeting, the AI activation and big data.
  • Various smart features such as prediction of traffic suppression, smart power prediction, smart optimization of wireless parameters, and smart prediction impact new site coverage are offered.

5GC Auto-inclusion

Automatic integration solution ZTE 5GC consolidates and implements AIC integration process (Auto Integration Center). It offers a tailored integration template and checks design viability in real time as requested by the customer. After verification, it automatically produces comprehensive specification documents to support 5GC network integration and imports them into the E2E silent integration and automated verification process for integration implementation. This allows the incorporation deployment of users on a 5GC platform to be “zero interference,” and significantly shores 5GC time for deployment/verification. In the life cycle of the integration process from integration preparation & design, network rollout to integration test E2E, the system achieves a “zero gap,” which relieves operators of 5G network integration effectively. Further, a Cloud Experience Model from ZTE 5GC automated integration approach takes into account the promotion both of offline architecture and remote use, enables users to perform a 5GC network integration preparation and pre-integration check in real time in the cloud and makes it easier and more customizable to pick and implement from the device scenario to NEs.

Going to live in 5G

ZTE has designed a complete, smart distribution approach built on the Unified Management Expert (UME), a self-developed integrated network O&M framework to meet the increasing demand for large-scale construction of 5G networks to support network preparation, building, optimization and maintenance. This approach combines advanced technology such as Big Data, Virtualization Technologies and AI, and employs various intelligent resources, efficiently simplifies the network distribution and increases the reliability of delivery so that consumers can easily resolve complex problems.

Most important

  • Reduce network delivery complexity effectively and increase delivery reliability, allowing providers to successfully implement 5G network.
  • Promoting 5G technologies and the advancement of digital transition by the integration of carriers and partners into vertical sectors.

Smart O&M 5G

In order to solve the operational problems posed by the growing complexity and diversity of the 5G networks, ZTE implements 5G intelligent O&M solution. ZTE 5G Intelligent O&M Solution, based on a proprietary architecture for AI supporting ZTE, solves a number of service providers’ maintenance issues during the 5G period. 5G Intelligent O&M Solution provides high-value applications for various scenarios such as AI fault prediction, traffic prediction, KPI identification, Smart RCA, order deletion, AI optimization, AI powered smart energy saving.

Most important

  • It has functions such as the atomization of components, dragging models, device expansion and service customization based on the current AI enabling platform and the big data platform of ZTE with O-domain information as its basis, the AI algorithm and the central O&M method as a guideline.
  • Proactive detection and prediction, recognition and removal, of real defects or bottlenecks before service warnings and performance occur.
  • Apply to 5G intelligent O&M service platform in different scenarios dozens of mature algorithms including neural networks, decision tree, weighted Apriori and FP-Growth.

5G Manage Quality Service 

Different new forms of network systems begin to evolve with the continued commercial use of 5G networks. ZTE offers a 5G Service Quality Management Approach based on AI+ Big Data technologies, which aims to guide a 5G Service Management Services Management System through three 5G Scenarios  in a holistic Service Quality Management direction.

Most important

  • Take advantage of core demand expertise in order to provide data base for operators’ decision making across the broad views of customers, companies and countries, the Telecom, Bayer, Core Network and Customer Support divisions.
  • Fully support expert simulation of popular 5G technologies such as VR, AR, HD recording, cloud gaming, etc.
  • Set up and strengthen structured procedures and processes for the management of expertise and enhance operator level through the self-optimization scenario of the framework for the adaptation of capabilities.