How to Reduce iPhone Video File Size?

iPhone Video

4K is said to provide more beautiful images than HD. Therefore, when iPhone added the support of shooting 4K videos, people would like to record the charming scenery in 4K even though they cannot see the difference between 4K and 1080P on iPhone with their naked eyes. And this can cause a big problem for your iPhone space. One 4K HEVC video shot by iPhone for 60 seconds occupies about 400MB storage. How many 4K videos can you save on your iPhone?

It’s not strange that you hope to find a way to compress the videos since you don’t want to delete the memorable videos forever. But reducing the video file size seems to be a compromised choice, as you can’t keep the videos in best quality.

What is highly recommended before you compress the videos and remove the original file to spare the space of your iPhone, is to backup your cherish videos in large size to your computer. In this situation, WinX MediaTrans can helps you transfer any of your large videos to PC without iTunes or iCloud. Just connect your iPhone to the computer with a cable, you can export the videos at a super-fast speed.     

After your backup, let’s start compressing video for iPhone.

Since Apple does not offer the direct option to compress an iPhone video. You need a third-party app like Video Compress – Shrink Video to reduce video file size. It’s a simple tool to convert and compress video to several megabytes. You can just choose the videos on the app from your albums to compress. Very easy to use, even a newbie can accommodate himself in a second. The compression process won’t take a long time.

It should be noted that it may stop working if you choose a file over 2GB, which is quite large for Video Compress app to deal with. Well, it’s pity that you don’t know the resolution of the output video on the program. And be careful, this video compressor is ads supported. But you can close the ads after about 5 seconds during the compression.   

What is worthy of mentioning is that you need to compress the movies and videos before you import to your iPhone iPad for enjoyment for a trip, for presentation, for classes, etc. In these circumstances, you can use a free desktop video compression software like WinX Video Converter to handle your large videos. It’s more flexible to choose the resolution, size for certain purpose.

More importantly, WinX Video Converter software can surely reduce the video file size for iPhone but also keep high quality of the video. This is what the most iPhone video compressor apps lack. No quality loss is very necessary for serious meetings and public speeches. And a 4K to 4K converting is also possible to reduce some size of the video.      

There are only three steps to reduce the video size for iPhone with WinX Video Converter. Open the software, choose the video that is needed to be compressed, select the preferred output, and click “Run” button to start converting. Therefore, get large videos compressed before transfer them to iPhone and iPad. If the videos are already in your iPhone, use a video compressor app to do the quick job. Always remember to backup your original videos first in case you will need it later, because downgrading video is much easier than upgrading.