How to have a better commute

Afternoon City Commute Heavy Traffic

We all know that the commute can be one of the most stressful parts of the day.†Whether youíve been commuting to the same place for years or youíre lined up to start a new job soon, when youíre considering taking or applying for a new position, itís important to take the travel time into account.††

Commute times are a major factor when it comes to your work life balance; not only that but you also have to make sure itís affordable too. According to research, it takes Londoners the longest to get to and from work, travelling for around 1 hour and 19 minutes each day. With peopleís commutes only getting longer, here are some top tips on how you can have a better commute. 

Bring some technology with you 

Nowadays we all have plenty of our own technology. With gadgets and gizmos a plenty, why not bring some along with you. Whether thatís your smartphone or tablet with headphones to listen to your favourite artist, audio book or even podcast to help pass the time on your commute. You could even listen to something educational so youíre learning on the go! Remember however, youíre not the only person travelling to and from work, so keep the volume at a respectable level at all times.  

Or go totally old-fashioned 

Not a technology fan? Like the feeling of paper between your fingers? Why not opt for a more traditional method of keeping your mind occupied and bring along a good book. For some, itís much easier to get lost in the words of a story or novel when they are physically holding the book. Donít forget, books are much heavier than a tablet or kindle, so only pack as many as you can carry! 

Take another mode of transport 

Sick of taking the train, tube or bus to work? Why not consider cycling to work as an alternative. Not only does it come with a multitude of health benefits, itís also better for the planet. If you are going to switch up your travel mode, remember to wear all the appropriate protective equipment including a helmet, lights and hi-vis jacket. These will keep you protected and visible during your morning and afternoon commute. 

Get creative 

You donít just have to listen to a podcast or read a book either, you could do something even more creative. Need time to write a blog or update your website? Now is the perfect time! Want to finish that spot of knitting or crochet that youíve been meaning to do for weeks? Use your commute to do it. 

Donít fancy doing anything at all? Donít worry, you donít have to! If youíd prefer to use this time in the morning to simply switch off and get comfortable you can. There are absolutely no rules on how you should spend this time!