How to Delete All Your Tweets in One Go: A Step-by-Step Guide

Delete all tweets

Use these straightforward tools to entirely erase the history of your Twitter account.

While Twitter doesn’t offer a built-in feature for mass tweet deletion, there are still methods to wipe your Twitter history clean! Manually deleting tweets can be practical for those with a low tweet count, but it becomes challenging if your tweet count runs into the thousands. Online tools like TweetDelete and TweetEraser can help you in this endeavor, capable of erasing your most recent 3,200 tweets. This how to guide provides an easy step-by-step process to delete all your tweets.

Note: TweetDelete stands as the most dependable free tool for removing up to 3200 past tweets. If you wish to delete more than 3200 tweets, consider operating TweetDelete repeatedly, or investing in a paid service like TweetEraser. If you want to preserve a history of your tweets post-deletion, or to erase more than 3200 tweets using TweetEraser, you can download your Twitter archive from the platform itself.


Step 1: Visit the website http://www.tweetdelete.net/. TweetDelete offers a free service enabling you to erase all tweets from your Twitter account. However, due to restrictions imposed by Twitter, TweetDelete is only capable of removing your most recent 3,200 tweets.

Step 2: Mark the checkbox to confirm your agreement with the terms. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the terms before accepting, click on ‘TweetDelete terms’.

Step 3: Select the ‘Sign in with Twitter’ option. If you haven’t logged into Twitter already, you’ll be asked to do so at this point.

Step 4: Click Authorize app

Step 5: Select a time range from the dropdown menu. This allows you to decide which tweets to erase based on how old they are, with options ranging from a week to a full year. Regardless of the time span you choose, TweetDelete has a maximum capacity of deleting 3200 tweets.

Step 6: Mark the checkbox associated with “Delete all my existing tweets”.

Step 7: Uncheck the box next to “Post to my feed” to prevent TweetDelete from announcing its use on your Twitter feed. If you prefer not to follow TweetDelete on Twitter for future updates, deselect the checkbox next to “Follow @Tweet_Delete for future updates”.

Step 8: Press the ‘Activate TweetDelete’ button. TweetDelete will now proceed to erase all tweets within the chosen timeframe.

Step 9: Go to https://twitter.com/settings/apps_and_sessions. This will display a list of applications that currently possess access to your Twitter account.

Step 10: Select ‘Revoke Access’ next to TweetDelete to sever the connection between TweetDelete and Twitter. If you need to remove more than 3200 tweets, you could keep TweetDelete linked to your account and operate it repeatedly to eliminate the subsequent batches of 3200 tweets. However, while TweetDelete is generally secure, maintaining its connection to your Twitter might present potential security concerns.

Using TweetEraser to delete all tweets on Twitter

Step 1: Visit https://www.tweeteraser.com/ and set up an account. TweetEraser is among the various paid services available for erasing your Tweets. While a free service like TweetDelete may seem attractive, TweetEraser provides the option to clear all your Twitter history, going beyond the 3200 tweet limit. Click ‘Sign in with Twitter’ to link your accounts and register for the service. The cost for 30-day access to TweetEraser is $6.99.

Step 2: To eliminate your complete Twitter history, you’ll need to download your Twitter archive and upload it to TweetEraser. This allows the service to delete more than just the 3200 tweet limit.

To download your archive, launch Twitter in a web browser, and follow this path: More > Settings and Privacy > Your Account > Download an archive of your data. Then, input your password and hit the ‘Request Archive’ button.

Step 3: Incorporate your Twitter archive into TweetEraser. From your TweetEraser dashboard, select ‘Tweets’ from the column on the left. Then, hit ‘Import Twitter Archive/Data’. Find and choose the file that you obtained from Twitter.

Step 4: Configure your settings and press ‘Delete Tweets’. TweetEraser gives you the flexibility to exclude certain tweets based on dates, hashtags, and keywords. Decide if there are any specific tweets you wish to retain, and then hit ‘Delete Tweets’ to validate your choice.

TweetEraser will start the deletion process, which might take some time. Ensure that the tab remains open for the duration of this process.

When granting an app access, always verify its permissions. Some apps might proceed to delete tweets on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Remember, once tweets are deleted, they cannot be retrieved. Hence, it’s essential to download an archive before proceeding with any deletion.