How to Choose the Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps for 2021

Woman looking smart watch after training outdoors

Choosing an Apple watch model may be a cakewalk for you, but you will be spoilt for choice when picking a suitable Apple band and strap to go with the watch. Regardless of whether you own a Series 6 or a much earlier model, you can find several varieties of Apple watch straps and bands that offer a robust fit on all Apple watch models.

Despite the pandemic situation, though most global stores remained closed, Apple shipped 7.6 million watches during the first quarter of 2020. With the contribution of online retail channels, Apple watches, wearables, and services have been the most sought after in 2020 and 2021.

Some online platforms like Anhem provide novel and original Apple bands and straps, which are irresistible and come in huge varieties. If you have already spent hours looking at different Apple strap and band options but havenít narrowed them down to one yet, here are a few ideas to help you out:

Look For Size Variations

All Apple watch bands and straps will not be available in every size. If you take the Classic Buckle, it is the only band that can go to 125 mm. And it is also the only band that can go to 215mm, which is the largest size.

Before you choose the size, make sure the seller has bands with different size variations. 

  • The modern buckles with case size 38mm fit wrists with a circumference ranging from 135 Ė 180mm.
  • Link bracelets with 38mm case size fit wrists with circumference 135-199mm.
  • Sport bands with case size 38mm fit wrist circumference 130-180mm.

So before you choose a strap, measure your wrist and check whether the seller provides products in that measurement.

Colors and Materials

Earlier, Apple used to offer only a few options of bands to go with an Apple watch model. But in 2021, with third-party sellers galore, you have the liberty to mix and match bands and get the combinations that you like.

The colors and the design of the bands can now talk fashion as well. As you can see in popular watch band websites like Anhem, there are so many styles, colors, and materials that are a game-changer for Apple watches. More than just a watch, the bands can now make fashion statements.

Depending on what color your Apple watch is, you can choose the type of bands like: 

  • Sport bands & Sports loops with stripes
  • Braided loop
  • Red braided loops
  • Graphite Milanese loops and more.

When it comes to the material of the band, here are some types that you can choose from:

  • Metal bands
  • Fabric Straps
  • Silicone/ TPU straps
  • Ceramic bands
  • Leather straps and bands
  • Customizable bands and more

Choose According To Your Need

Are you going to use the Apple watch for exercising, swimming, outdoors, or for business? Based on how you will use the watch, you must choose a band which will go well with the activity. 

Suitable For Cold Weather:

If you are living in regions with cold weather, you have to steer clear from metal bands. You can choose classic leather bands, natural wood bands, or denim bands for the Apple watch. These materials are the most suitable as they will not take away heat from your skin when you go out in the cold weather. 

Suitable For Workplaces:

If the Apple Watch is a part of your office wear, you can choose more on the professional style. Vintage leather bands, stainless steel watch bands, and denim bands are some of the variations you can choose from.

Best Ones For Fitness:

When you are exercising, you should wear a band that will hold the Apple Watch on your wrist securely, especially during intensive exercises, yoga, and lifting weights. The straps should also allow adequate airflow to avoid trapping the sweat. 

One of the best materials for this is Silicone. The material is lightweight and highly breathable, and you donít have to remove it continuously to wipe off the sweat.

If You Go Swimming:

Though the watch can be water-resistant, sometimes you would be wearing the wrong strap, which will be an inconvenience during swimming. You must choose waterproof Apple bands, which are versatile and durable. The bands should also hold securely to your wrist and not loosen while in water.

Yet again, silicone bands are the best option for this. 

Other than these factors, you can keep your style in mind when choosing the Apple bands. From link bracelets to nylon straps, woven bands, and loop bands, there are large assortments of models that you can choose from. 

If you havenít got your hands on Apple bands yet, it is high time you find the right seller like Anhem with a good choice of products and services.