How is Yodacart making appliance buying easier?


The range of gadgets made our life easier. In todayís world, almost every family has at least one electronic appliance, it can be a mixture grinder or microwave, or water purifier. We as a society are evolving at a very fast rate and so are our demands. We have started seeking comfort in every aspect of our life, be it home, work, vocation, or anything else.

To keep the comfort while considering affordability, we all need to identify our needs smartly before welcoming any of these appliances. It becomes very difficult if we do not think it through as chances are that we may get lost in the sea of abundance. That is where the important question arises, where, when, and how?

The comfort online platforms are able to offer along with various offers, services, and quality it becomes almost impossible to neglect it. This is why:

Why online shopping canít be ignored?

  • Online offerings are always attractive; in terms of product range, prices, and product availability.
  • The websites usually give the product description and specifications; allowing us to take an informed and wise decision before we invest in any appliance.
  • Lucrative offers, exchange value, and doorstep delivery along with post-purchase services make online shopping a pain killer.

But the internet is dumped with a variety of products, information, offers, and fraudulent activities. Many times we might end up making the very wrong decision which will stay with us for a very long time. During those times we wish there is someone who can hold our hands and help us out in making the right decision.

How can I make the right decision?

Artificial Intelligence. Is that a term that has been trending for the last few years and making us crazy? Yes, it is. And believe it or not, thatís the future. Just imagine someone as wise as Yoda (a Star Trek character) helping you out in picking the right appliance for you? Making your shopping super easy and cool? Making sure that no criteria are left untouched. Isnít that exciting?

Yodacart vs Other Platforms

Yodacart is known for its super-easy user experience and unquestioned transparency. Letís just try to compare the affordability of Yodacart with other leading online portals, then itís a clear hands-down win for Yodocart.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split ACPriceWarrantyCapacityTypeEnergy-efficient ratingsInstallation
Flipkart/AmazonINR 38,890/-1 year + 10 years for compressor1.5 TonSplit3 StarINR 1,500
YodacartINR 37,799/-1 year + 10 years for compressor1.5 TonSplit3 StarFree
Product- Godrej  231L Frost Free Double DoorPriceWarrantyFreezer CapacityBuilt-in CompressorFresh Food CapacityInstallation
Flipkart/AmazonINR 18,990/-1 year warranty and 10 years on compressor61LReciprocatory Compressor171LFree
YodacartINR 13,000/-1 year warranty and 10 years on compressor61LReciprocatory Compressor171LFree
LG WW140NPR+MINERAL BOOSTER 8 L RO Water PurifierPriceWarrantyCapacityTypeInstallation
Flipkart/AmazonINR 17,000/-1 year warranty8LROINR 1,000
YodacartINR 15,499/-1 year warranty8LROFree

All the above are just a few of examples from Yodacart with fabulous deals on products of every category. So hands down Yodacart becomes the pioneer in the best online deals.

What makes Artificial Intelligence so unique?

Imagine you have to buy a washing machine, for example, and there is a guide who helps you out step-by-step in the selection process. Yodacart helps you find out the most suitable product in seconds. They have introduced Yoda (the super excellent AI engine) which can recommend the most suitable products for your needs. It will prompt you to attempt the following questions:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. How many members stay with you in your house?
  3. What is your weekly frequency of wash?
  4. What if your wash time takes less than 20 minutes?
  5. Do you prefer an in-built heater?

We are all surrounded by technology, and Yodacart is trying its best to bring it in the form of Artificial Intelligence. To make your shopping experience enjoyable and hassle-free, you need to just log in to Yodacart. The one-stop destination for all your Electronic Appliances.