How iPads & Tablets Are Helpful for Students In College?

iPads & Tablets

Tablets might be the most beneficial add-on to the education system for todayís generation. The versatility and ease of use that comes with tablets and iPads make them a very favourable tool to add to your college kit. 

We all are familiar with the fantastic features that come with every Apple product; similarly, with iPads, you get all of those features that enhance your learning experience. Apple Ipads are so popular that Apple shipped over 57.6 million iPads in 2020.

The handiness, security, convenient design, and communication capabilities of these devices are the benefits that attract many students. With some add-on apps like Good Notes, you can use tablets and iPads for educational and social purposes, a perfect multifunctional device. 

Many universities have recognized the same benefits of these devices and made them a part of the educational system. With advancing digital teaching and the ongoing online classes amidst the pandemic, while most people prefer laptops, tablets are much more convenient, portable, sleek in design, and easier to use devices. 

If you are still wondering whether to use tablets in college or not, we have listed some great features down here to make the decision easier for you. 

8 Reasons You Should Use Tablets In Your College

Multifunctional device 

Tablets and iPads are mini versions of computers with almost all the features a laptop has to offer. You can take notes, store all your course books, make notes on your books without having to carry around a huge load of these books physically everywhere.  

Whatís better than purchasing all these expensive course books along with textbooks and carrying around the heavy load everywhere, every day? 

To have all of this compacted in one device, where you can access all your study material wherever you want. You can manage your mail, go through your socials in between, and share your work with your fellow mates very quickly, all on the go. 


While laptops make an excellent alternative to tablets, they do not come as handy as tablets. Tablets are fit for the busy and always on the move lifestyle that college students have. The device is lightweight, with a very sleek design, fits easily in your backpacks and purses, is travel friendly, and has a wonderful lasting battery life, making them a better choice than most laptops and smartphones. 

Easy sharing and storing 

You get an automatic backup for all the data stored on your tablet and iPad on your drive and cloud. This data can easily be accessed on all your other devices with an Internet connection. Youíll have all your saved notes, papers, and online lectures easily accessible to you. With your iPads, you get additional security with the find my iPad app to locate your device if you somehow misplaced it or your device gets stolen. 

In addition to easy accessibility, thereís also the feature of easy sharing of your documents. You can very quickly send and receive notes between your friends without the hassle of paper notes. Other than notes, itís easier to mail your assignments or queries to your professors.  

Abundance of Application 

You can have all the applications on your iPad for your needs. Thereís an app for everything you want, related to education or health or lifestyle, and you can have it all in a very portable, sleek device to use on hand.  


This might be the most straightforward task to do on a tablet or iPad; typing is fun and all, but not everyone can be that fast at it. With tablets, you can write down your notes and save them for viewing later on. You can easily design your messages with the help of various tools present on your tablets and iPads. 

There are multiple apps currently on the app store for you to use. You can highlight and make notes on your course books to save for future references. There are easy search options if you get stuck on some words making your study time much more productive without switching between devices and books every time. 

Your tablets have both front and back cameras giving you the option of clicking pictures of the boards to keep professors’ notes for later use.  


Not everything you need is present in a single coursebook. Sometimes, you must look through multiple authors’ material for your work and assignments, and it is impossible to purchase these many books. 

You can always go to the library, but why bother when you can easily download and store all the books on your tablets and iPads. Itís much more convenient and offers you more options in less time without having to move around for it. 

Huge variety of content 

With your tablets and iPads, itís much easier to access the vast amount of content available on the internet for your research and assignments. You can very conveniently copy-paste material without having to write down everything on paper. Itís much easier to make notes using online material as you donít need to switch between your notebook and devices repeatedly. 

A boon for introverts and disabled 

With the many advancements in technology, various applications are available that make it easier for differently-abled people to carry out multiple tasks. Thereís an option of audio typing and audio readers. There are apps for teacher-student interactions without having to approach them directly, which is a blessing for many shy and introverted people; they can easily make put forth their queries without having a complete meltdown about it before.  

Final Words

Suppose you have to carry around heavy course books everywhere or an art student carrying around various art supplies. Tablets are a great switch to make life easier. There are always some drawbacks to technology, but it’s good to go if the benefits are worthy enough to overlook them. 

With Tablets, you get various additional features that make them much more convenient to use than laptops and smartphones. 

Digital learning is at its peak right now, and tablets for sure make a great go-to device for this purpose. You can learn more about college tablets on TabletGeeky.com