How can various technologies improve the quality of life for different age groups?


There’s no doubt that connected devices change our lives for the better, making us healthier and more self-sufficient. We communicate increasingly more with each other as well as participate in the life of society thanks to intelligent technologies.

The growth of the technologies that change our lives

Some new digital solutions allow us not to feel isolated because of the confinement we have to live in for the time being.

WhatsApp is probably the most popular means of communication, whereas Zoom is set to replace face-to-face family meetings in the foreseeable future.

Smart TV connected to the internet is changing our leisure time. For the last few years, we’ve seen interactive TV shows, personalized movies, and on-demand content from the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime. The developers of these TV platforms concluded that such a niche could become the most profitable in the years to come.

Smart speakers developed by Apple, Amazon, and Google get into the lists of the appliances for intelligent homes. Voice control features simplify the mastering of new gadgets; otherwise, the inherent complexity of technology would have meant a long learning curve for older adults. These audio-enabled devices offer personalized information and are able to carry out some tasks. What’s more, using these personal assistants people can call each other.

What most brilliant gadgets mean for the quality of our lives

Solutions that can be used for education could become personal trainers with some gamification elements added to them. This allows us to increase our cognitive level, moreover using some new tech, we exercise our brains, which, in return, delays various pathologies related to the age like Alzheimer’s disease.

Smartwatches will probably become a more widely-used device soon. Some of these things are exclusively designed for senior people, getting them in closer contact with their loved ones and helping them manage their daily routine. Smartwatches allow family members to find out the location of their older adults and create sort of security zones.

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