How Can Camdog Assure Safety for Your Home?


Technology is growing in every field of life, and there is also a need to review journalize the safety devices from our precious assets invincible. Security cameras are one requirement of each business. They are serving and supporting us like the security guard for guarding our valuable assets.

The question here arises: are the digital DVR and another surveillance system still secure, reliable, and say for top security concerns. It is often the only question rising in every owner when it involves securing a house, business, or warehouse. The explanation behind its burglars and intruders are getting more technical ways of cheating security systems.

Issues you’re Facing with Old System:

No one can leave their house, business, or organization to weak security. Undoubtedly, most people still use CCTV and digital DVR to guard their business or house against intruders. Even many issues could leave your home or business security in danger.

1.   No Extra Features:

The significant disadvantage of CCTV systems may be deprecated technology. It can’t classify objects, make face recognition, ALPR, and other important functions in modern life.

2.   DVR Systems are often Stolen Easily:

As Camdog is making developments in technology, intruders also utilize new strategies and tactics to defeat Digital DVR security. Many cases are being reported monthly, where intruders cheat the safety system that creates the robbery easily. They will steal the DVR box, hard-drive, and cassettes that might cause loss of your data and every one the recordings. There would be no proof left.

3.   Installation Issues:

While installing Analog CCTV System, you usually require having cables and cords. It requires some electric mechanic to try all the methods and connect all the cameras with Digital DVR.

Moreover, after passing little years, the cable may get damaged by the weather just in case of out of doors camera installations. Sometimes, cable connectors also stray. Thus, you would like time to time technicians to resolve the problems and even get to pay extra charges.

4.   Lack of Unlimited Storage:

With Analog CCTV System, you get limited storage. After passing a few months, you would like to delete the old recordings to urge space for further recordings. So, you can’t get enough room to possess unlimited storage for several months. Let’s see how low storage can create security issues.

For example:

If you’ve got installed security cameras for loss prevention in small businesses, and you and your whole staff are going for an extended trip or vacation, you would like more storage to record everything until you revisit your business or home. But thanks to having limited storage, maybe your cameras don’t record some videos. At now, you would like to reconsider your security cameras’ storage needs. Camdog AI Cloud-based services recommend you’ve got cloud-based storage.

5.   Digital DVR and Security Concerns:

Today, intruders are more technical and mastermind. They understand the way to make any robbery successful without getting caught by the eyes of security cameras. Analog CCTV System comes with cables, so if intruders know where the wires are coming from, they first disconnect the cables.

Sometimes, they also take the DVR hard disc with them and leave no pieces of evidence behind. Thus, we recommend cloud-based cam-security for loss prevention in small businesses. If there are not any cables, then there’ll even be no chances for intruders to cheat or bypass the safety of your home or business as they’re going to find no wires to chop OR Digital DVR disk drive to destroy.

Cloud Video Surveillance is Secure and Making Life Easier:

1.   Installing Cloud Video Monitoring System:

Like DVR and security camera installation, there’s no need to hire time-to-time technicians to affect cameras and cable installation issues. Once you’ve installed the cameras at certain places, they might detect your home WiFi and obtain connected. Moreover, they might start saving their recording of your chosen cloud storage plan.

2.   Super Easy to Access:

Compared to Digital DVR, you don’t get to access your recording only from a specific place. With Cloud Video Surveillance, you’ll access any record from anywhere and anytime. All you’ve got to try to do is open your cloud security camera app, connect using specific log in information, and watch any recording. Youll also set your preference regarding video recordings and storage.

3.   No Fear of knowledge Theft:

Since all the recordings are being recorded on cloud storage, you don’t worry even about intruders with mastermind skills. Now, they can’t shake the camera’s eyes. They can’t find wires and storage hard drives to require away with them.

4.   Get Unlimited Space with Cloud:

Now, you’ll continue long holidays without getting worried about your Digital DVR limited disk drive storage. With Cloud Video Monitoring, you’ll expand your cloud recording storage anytime. Just change your subscription package and obtain a much bigger storage plan where you’ll store more recordings for several months or maybe for a year.