Google to lower in-app commission rate in S Korea

The South Korean unit of tech giant Google is considering lowering its planned commission rate for in-app purchases, lawmakers said on Tuesday, amid complaints from local software developers over steep commission costs.

According to lawmakers from the parliamentary committee on science and technology, Google Korea representatives have told committee members that they were persuading the company headquarters to lower its planned 30 percent commission on in-app purchases.

Google has announced a plan to newly introduce the 30 percent commission to all in-app digital goods purchases in South Korea later this year.

Company representatives did not share further details, lawmakers added.

A recent government projection showed that Google’s new commission policy would lead to an increase in app store costs for South Korean developers by more than 150 billion won (US$136 million).

The new billing policy has met fierce opposition from local tech groups and politicians, while some South Korean lawmakers have called on Google to reduce the commission rate, reports Yonhap news agency.