Google Assistant is gaining artificial intelligence capabilities through Bard

Google Assistant is gaining artificial intelligence capabilities through Bard

During the Made By Google live event today, Google introduced an updated version of Google Assistant called Assistant with Bard, which integrates generative AI technology. This enhanced mobile personal assistant combines the capabilities of Google Assistant and Bard to handle a wider range of tasks and questions. These tasks range from basic ones like checking the weather, setting alarms, or sending text messages, as it did before, to more intelligent responses thanks to Google’s Bard AI.

One notable feature is its ability to access your own Google apps, such as Gmail and Google Drive, to provide personalized responses when you opt in. This means you can ask Assistant questions like “update me on important emails I’ve missed this week,” and it will retrieve relevant emails.

This feature builds on Bard’s previous update from mid-September, which allowed the AI chatbot to integrate with Google’s apps and services through “Bard extensions.” Users who have already granted Bard access to Gmail, Drive, and Docs won’t need to do so again when using Assistant. However, those who haven’t enabled extensions will need to grant Bard permission to access personal information within the Assistant app.

Beyond email management, Google envisions expanded capabilities for personal tasks like trip planning, creating shopping lists, or crafting social media captions. Google plans to conduct an experiment to observe how people use Assistant with Bard before making it widely available on Android and iOS.

With Bard now on mobile devices, users can interact with it in multiple ways, including voice commands, typing queries, and utilizing the camera through Bard’s Google Lens integration. For example, users can take or upload pictures to accompany their queries or interact with Bard through a pop-up, floating window on select devices, such as Pixel and Samsung phones.

Assistant with Bard represents a significant evolution of Google’s digital assistant, which was previously limited to basic tasks. Google intends to deliver a more intelligent, personalized, and versatile digital assistant experience through this update.

Initially, Assistant with Bard will launch in select markets, and Google has not yet disclosed which languages and regions will receive the update first. However, it plans to roll it out more widely to iOS and Android users in the coming months and explore possibilities for other platforms in the future.