How To Generate Live Wallpapers On iOS and Android

While personalizing your smartphone live wallpapers effectively, cementing your smartphone’s home screen is an indispensable part of your day.

An engaging static home screen wallpaper background can present your handset experience more assertive, upbeat, and appealing to use. In addition, live wallpaper — which moves like a GIF as you tap and hold — furnishes your Android or iPhone user experience even more pleasant.

Some smartphones originate with built-in live wallpapers, but it requires just a few moments to compose your custom live wallpaper from any video you own. Imagine how refreshing it would be to view that butterfly you filmed flitting its wings whenever you start your smartphone.

Seem fascinating? Here, let’s get to understand how to create live wallpapers for iPhone and Android and how to do this on your own with your iPhone without downloading live wallpaper apps. Also, check how to do this with third-party apps on Android — the only way to achieve that on Android smartphones.

How to Design a Live Wallpaper on an iPhone

If you own an iPhone 6S or newer models, you can obtain a live wallpaper on your iPhone on your own without downloading an app. The iPhone 6S and succeeding models dropping the first-generation iPhone SE empower you to get Live Photos and facilitate 3D or Haptic Touch. Live Photos are concise snippets of video that permit you to edit and pick the perfect frame for the desired photo. However, they can also work as live wallpaper. Here’s how to create it in iOS 13 and iOS 14.

  • Proceed to Settings > Wallpaper.
  • Click Choose a New Wallpaper. Scroll down and Hit Live Photos.
  • Choose a photo. Ensure you have Live Photo: On initiated.
  • Click Set. Select either Set Lock Screen or Set Both. Set Home Screen is not necessary since the wallpaper won’t run on the Home screen.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll possess a live wallpaper that activates on the Lock screen when you click and hold the image. You can also use different iOS apps to save a GIF or video as a Live Photo, which you’ll then be ready to establish as a live wallpaper. 

How to Generate Live Wallpaper on Android

Android doesn’t allow built-in live wallpapers like iOS, but you can reach comparable functionality via a third-party live wallpaper app. Google Play gives a mixture of various apps for this. A few of the most famous include GIF Live Wallpaper, Idutchsolutions’ Video Live Wallpaper, and Live Wallpapers HD & Backgrounds 4k/3D by Walloop.

Other apps will also automate your method, creating and setting new live wallpapers as frequently as you desire. For example, people love Muzei Live Wallpaper because it will provide them a new live wallpaper highlighting well-known artwork each day. Meanwhile, Forest Live Wallpaper gives you forest-themed live wallpapers.

To create your live wallpaper from a video on your phone, try using Video Live Wallpaper. Here’s how:

  • Open the app
  • Click Gallery. 
  • Select the video you want to utilize to make a live wallpaper.
  • Pick the settings you want for the live wallpaper. There’s a choice to Play Audio, which presumably isn’t the best idea if you’re going to save battery or be safe. You can put the video on a loop so it will perform nonstop. Choose Play Video Screen to get your live wallpaper going even if you hold an app open.
  • Once you’ve decided on your desired settings, tap Set Live Wallpaper.

Voila, that’s it. However, if you’re not entirely convinced of what you need yet, you can address several different apps a try and traverse your creativity.

Fix monotonous Android Backdrop with Live Wallpapers

Both Android phones and iPhones can reveal dynamic wallpapers that change over time, but Android backgrounds suggest much more versatility. You can confer short, looping videos and even widgets that run back of your apps and home screens.

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles prompts you how many times you’ve opened your phone. Activity Bubbles, which Google grants for free, displays your phone habit. In this case, the design is a set of bubbles that increase in size and number as you give more time to your handset. Each time you unlock your phone, a new bubble appears and grows in size until you put your phone down again. Thus, it gives you an at-a-glance look at just how much time you’re staring at a mobile screen, though the bubbles do reset each day.


You’ll have to spend $2.50 for the Cartogram live wallpaper, but it’s worth the investment: It allows you to generate detailed map backgrounds for your Android phone and customize them with shades and styles to satisfy your tastes. As a result, you’ve got an almost unlimited number of opportunities to fiddle around with. What makes it especially valuable for our list is that the map background can develop as your location creates, giving you a quick and handy survey of whatever area you happen to be at the time—ideal for the constant traveler.

Weather Live Wallpaper

Most of us like to know the weather forecast, and Weather Live Wallpaper puts it right on your Android device’s background. With this installed, you’ll be able to change photo backgrounds for free, but you’ll need to spring for a $5 upgrade to have the weather dynamically change on your image of choice. The backdrop pictures then reflect the weather and time of day at your current location, together with some tasteful animations. With this wallpaper set, you’ll only need a flash at your phone to apprehend what the weather will do for the following hours.

Material Islands

Material Islands wallpapers can manifest weather conditions and the time of day. In addition, the Material Islands live wallpapers give you a choice of beautifully furnished backdrops that change based on the time of day and automatically adapt to show the current weather conditions—that last feature requires a $5.49 upgrade. Still, you can scan through the wallpaper images for free.

Your background alternatives include well-known landmarks such as Stonehenge or the pyramids of Giza, as well as more extensive scenes such as forests and desert islands. If you prefer, you can even have the app change your wallpaper every day for you, turning to a random pick each time.