Facebook shakes up dev community

dev community

Menlo Park, CA

Following a turbulent year, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) announced this week a major shake-up of its developer experience group. The company, which has struggled with public opinion since the 2016 election scandal involving Cambridge Analytica data, has decided to make major changes to how it operates and interacts with its developer community, which has performed poorly. According to sources at the company who elected to remain anonymous, poor management and office politics were a key part of the problem, leading the company to “clean house” with a massive set of layoffs and cutbacks. As part of this, numerous individuals have been moved to other departments, and numerous managers have left the company. Some of the senior managers who have been removed include Sarah Wallaik, Amina Terfai, Sean Liu, Wallace Simpson, and at least 4 others.

Josh Harrison, a senior member of the developer community said in an interview that he is pessimistic about future prospects of working with the Facebook platform, based on his poor experience in the past year, but is hopeful that the new management will make for a better experience for him and his team. “I found the previous managers I worked with particularly arrogant, borderline abusive,” said Harrison in an email. J. Ballard, a former recruiter for Facebook shared that he too had to deal with a very unpleasant environment while working with that group. “leadership of Facebook’s internal productivity and developer experience products were a nightmare to work with, “said Ballard, and said that the stress of working with that group drove him to quit his position. “I may never be able to work for a tech company again,” he added.

At the time of publishing, we have not been able to obtain a comment from Facebook.