ESA is looking for new woman para-astronauts

ESA is searching for new astronauts like women ‘parastronauts’. For the first time in eleven years, Europeans can sign up to become astronauts again. On March 31, the ESA will start a new training campaign. In the most honourable way, Europe can share its roots in several countries.

“ESA has been able to meet the requirements of the gender diversity organization,” he said in a statement. It does not allow you to have a job. It is a good idea to be able to organize “everything you need to do”. The aim is also to see whether people with a physical disability can become astronauts.

‘Realize the dream.’
“We want this dream to be different,” said David Parker, director of Human and Robotic Exploration at ESA. “A union launcher can be used for astronautics by the Parastronaut Feasibility Project – an innovation where the world was clear.”

If requested, an ESA advocate cannot provide any further explanation about this plan. On March 31, a European organization organized a conference to give details of the details, and the list of qualifications for the aspiring astronaut is available.

You can register from then up to and including May 28. At the end of next year, it will be clear which of the applicants can join the astronaut’s team.

André Kuipers
By the opening round of 1998, there was a record of the Dutchman André Kuipers. He went into space twice and stayed together for more than six months in the International Space Station. But the chance of such a success is small.

ESA held the last open applications in 2009. About 8,500 people registered, including about 200 Dutch people. Ultimately six people were hired as astronauts: two Italians, a Dane, a German, a Briton and a French.

ESA and its American counterpart NASA made agreements on manned moon travel at the end of last year. The result is that three Europeans may have met with the Orion capsule. The European astronauts will be able to live in 2025 and 2026 on the way to May.

For the first time in Europe, the world is looking for new astronauts. The ESA space organization launched on March 31 a campaign was held in Europe. The organization hopes on a lot of arrangements from women to diversity. The campaign lasts until May 28, and in the next year, new astronauts can be found in the world. The ESA also wants to offer people with disabilities the opportunity to go to space. The organization is called “parastronauts”.

In 2010, it hired the previous group of astronauts. It consisted of two Italians,a Briton, a German, a French and a Dane. They are in the process of being able to use the international test ISS. More than 8,000 Europeans have been involved in the selection process, or more than two Dutch people. At the turn of the year, in 1998, the Dutchman André Kuipers became involved.

With the following crew of astronauts, Europe is entering a “new era of space exploration,” according to ESA. The organization works together with the United States, Canada and Japan to provide travel to the country. In 2024, two Americans voted for the first time, for the first time in 1972. Besides, had a room test in a bad round of the world. Europe can provide at least three astronauts who will live in that space station near the moon.

So far, there have been three native Dutch in space. Lodewijk van den Berg (1932) was the first of Zeeuws-Flemish Sluiskil. He flew the space shuttle Challenger in early 1985. Van den Berg did so after he was naturalized as an American.

Wubbo Ockels was the first Dutch burger in round garden. He went to space in late 1985, also in the Challenger. The last successful mission of the space shuttle exploded on its next launch in January 1986. All seven crew members were killed.

André Kuipers is the first Dutch astronaut. He went to the space station ISS for a week and a half in April 2004. He also stayed there from December 2011 to July 2012.