Energy market updates help you to get to cheap electricity and gas providers in your area.

cheap electricity

The energy market has dynamically changed in South Australia over the last 12 months, but many bill payers are still over-paying for their electricity.

If you’re on a Default Market Offer (DMO) this is the most a retailer can legally charge you.

If you were already on a cheaper electricity plan for your part of South Australia this time last year, you could still save up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Econnex can help you compare, switch and save. We’ll find you the cheap electricity and gas provider available in South Australia, and switch you over in less than five minutes.

With falling wholesale electricity prices set to drive down the retail price of electricity even further South Australian households and businesses should be actively seeking cheaper electricity from their retailer.

But how do you know if you’re on a top-price DMO or an inflated deal? Your energy retailer might not automatically move you to the best offer.

That’s what Econnex is here for. To get a cheap electricity and gas provider.

We’ll compare all the energy rates available to you against your current plan, and switch you to a better deal.

And as part of that process, we’ll help find you a better deal on your gas bills too.

Find out how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills now.

Don’t take our word for it three different government bodies have also indicated energy bills should be lower.

In December, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) reported that household electricity bills are expected to continue to drop through 2023^.

The recent ACCC report found households could be saving dollars on energy bills by shopping around.

And in 2021, the Australian Energy Regulator dropped the Default Market Offer the most residents of NSW, South East Queensland, and the ACT can be charged by providers so there’s never been a better time to cut hundreds off your bill to get cheap electricity and gas provider.

So don’t throw your hard-earned money at an expensive energy plan. Cut your costs and help out your bank balance by using our Econnex. Like what you see?