Development of artificial intelligence in sports live betting to predict the results of matches

artificial intelligence

High technologies are developing at a rapid pace, so the most powerful computers are increasingly influencing the life of modern society. Artificial intelligence is the current goal of scientists to which they aspire. The most interesting is the use of science in sports betting. Young startups and the bosses of the largest betting platforms are organizing joint projects that are aimed at developing forecasting and odds calculation. A classic example of the work of such projects is https://campobet.com/hi/sport/live, which can be found at the link provided.

How are professionals coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

At the event, leading experts will talk about the latest changes in the market and explain which areas to focus on during the period of cancellation of sporting events due to quarantine. Speakers will discuss successful cases of overcoming crisis situations, as well as make forecasts regarding the further development of the betting industry. The following categories of people perform at the event:

?  owners of betting companies;

?  developers of solutions for the betting industry;

?  lawyers;

?  gambling operators;

?  affiliates.

The event brings together the best bookmakers, developers and solution providers for the sports live betting industry.

Technology Development

Every year, technologies develop faster and faster, so the tasks begin to be set more and more complex and interesting. Every single player understands how difficult it is to predict the outcome of a sporting event and not go bust with quotes. Previously, all these tasks were performed by people who understand sports events, the psychology of players, and possible motivation.

At the moment, most of these positions have been replaced by powerful computers, where computer programs work. The creation of more powerful machines gives bookmakers the ability to perform huge amounts of calculations and analysis, which makes match odds more accurate. Artificial intelligence (AI) made a splash in the world of sports live betting, allowing the owners of offices to collect information from all the sites where sports competitions take place.

Computer programs learn and improve their algorithms by analyzing the actions of millions of users around the world.

Experts say that 13 years ago this would have been unthinkable. One person, versed in a particular sport, could regulate the course of changes in quotes, assess risks and possible profits. Today, everything is different. One person can handle entire markets and event lines by making certain adjustments to the calculation algorithm.

The main idea of ??continuous development is that improved automation of all processes leads to greater prediction efficiency.

Today, there are programs such as Kickoff and Cortana Intelligence Suite that make 80% accurate predictions based on the collection of statistics for each player, all past matches and entire tournament brackets. Gigabytes of data are processed to give the correct result.


The algorithm of actions is very complicated. For each better, an individual selection of matches and preferred events is calculated. Such a system, but at a simpler level, can be found in all advertising campaigns and major PR agencies. Each selected player event affects the future selection of recommended events.

The program also tracks all the better’s actions: his bets after a defeat, bets after a win, and a possible strategy. Collecting such information allows bookmakers to better edit quotes based on the psychology of the players. Thus, sports live betting platforms exclude possible errors in calculations. Bettors’ winnings benefit everyone because the artificial intelligence neural network develops and remembers each client’s interesting approaches.