Developer runs Flappy Bird game in macOS interactive notifications

Despite being removed from the App Store seven years ago, Flappy Bird, one of the most iconic iPhone games of all time, is reportedly making a comeback in the form of an interactive macOS notification.

Developer Neil Sardesai took to Twitter to showcase how he brought a clone of the game directly to the macOS Big Sur Notification Center, reports 9To5Google.

Sardesai tweeted the project showcasing that you can “put a whole game inside of a push notification” thanks to the new UserNotificationsUI framework. It’s a pretty impressive feat that showcases the power of notifications in Big Sur.

Flappy Bird originated on the iPhone and a variety of clones have popped up on the web and on macOS over the years, the report said.

The developer’s implementation into the Big Sur Notification Center is based on the Flappy Bird clone created by Play Cavnas. Touch interactions are simulated using clicks rather than tap, but the goal of avoiding obstacles remains the same.

Flappy Bird was one of the most viral games to ever come to the iPhone back in 2014. Created by developer Dong Nguyen, the app is rumoured to have generated an average of $50,000 a day in revenue at its peak.