Decisive factors when choosing a VPS

Choosing a VPS

Many have had this situation: you move to a new city, and at first you live with friends. At first everything is fine and nothing bothers you, but then a moment comes when something forces you to move into a separate apartment of your own.

It doesn’t matter why you’re moving. It is important that now you need more free space!

The same thing happens with web hosting. When developing your site, you start with shared hosting, but at some point you need more control and more power. Or maybe the host is disconnecting you because you have too much traffic and your server neighbors are complaining.

Where do you want to go? Own physical servers are cool, but expensive. This is where renting a VPS server (virtual private server) comes to the rescue – a virtual private server.

Server rental: when it’s time to switch to VPS Deltahost

Here are some of the most common reasons why website owners decide to switch to VPS hosting:

1. Slow site loading speed

Your website is loading slowly for a number of reasons. But if you’ve spent time optimizing your site’s performance but are still dealing with very slow loading, it might be time to upgrade your host.

It could be an issue with your traffic levels (see below), RAM consumption, server storage issues, or something else.

When renting a Deltahost VPS server, you can choose from a variety of different server options. Get more features and develop your website!.

2. Your traffic is growing

Shared hosting is for sites that don’t get a lot of traffic. But as your traffic grows, you will also start to demand more from your web host (https://deltahost.com/vps.html).

If you notice an upward trend in traffic, perhaps you should rent a Deltahost VPS server. Increasing traffic levels means more consumption of server resources, therefore, to avoid slow loading and even server crashes, it is better to switch to a virtual server for Windows or Linux.

3. You need a more secure host

Keeping your website secure is one of the most important things you can do right now. Right out of the box, VPS hosting plans offer you a higher level of security.

Deltahost Hosted VPS Website Security Checker includes improved firewalls, dedicated malware scanning, streaming data monitoring and analysis, and improved website backups (in case something goes wrong).

In addition, your site will run in a completely isolated server environment, so you will never be affected by other sites. We hope you now have a better understanding of how VPS hosting works, what sites VPS is used for, and what benefits it can bring to your site. Learn more about our services and rent a Deltahost VPS server here!