Data Science vs. Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Data science and Artificial intelligence technologies are now being utilized by numerous corporations worldwide. Artificial intelligence has since become a digital frontier. With so much hype and media attention, businesses are currently seeking ways to tap into the new technology. 

Data science is also worth mentioning. It’s one of the most flourishing fields of the 21st century. No wonder, data science consulting firms have since come up to help businesses make informed data-driven decisions.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence plays an integral role in data science. It focuses on the development of machines that are as intelligent as humans. Many of these systems we encounter in the course of our day to day life. Artificial intelligence is a technology that makes machines learn from experience. It can accomplish different high-volume computerized tasks continuously without wearing out. 

 AI is a meaningful innovation that employs data-centric approaches to determine more about the client’s history. It also gains access to valuable insights to help in improving marketing strategies in a business.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the blending of technology, data interference, and algorithm development. It’s also a process of extracting data in different forms. Itís useful for solving complex analytical problems in businesses. The principal idea of data science is that it uses facts creatively to form business values. 

Data science involves the use of different steps for forecasting the likelihood of the future. These are, for instance, manipulation, visualization, data extraction, and maintenance and prediction. The data scientist should also have the right skills and understand machine learning algorithms. 

 AI vs. Data science-How do they differ?

Data science and AI are two critical technologies in the business world. Data science uses AI in most of its operations, but the two techniques are different. Here are the key differences;

1. Artificial intelligence is a tool for data scientists 

Data science uses different tools and methodologies to analyze data. AI is one of the critical tools used by data scientists. Some of the AI tools used in data science are Deep Learning algorithms that help in classification and data prediction.  Data science involves the employment of techniques to find hidden data patterns, while AI is mostly about the implementation of the derived data.

2. Data science is a prediction process

Data science is a comprehensive procedure that employs different pre-processing, analysis, visualization, and prediction. It’s a priceless tool for predicting future events and outcomes, and this helps in making critical decisions to benefit businesses.

On the other hand, AI is the implementation of this predictive model to foretell future occurrences. Data science uses various statistical techniques, while AI uses computer algorithms.

3. Tools used

Data science involves various steps of data analysis. These come up with actionable insights to offer solutions and opportunities to businesses and corporations.

The steps are;

 -Identification of data analytics problems

-Generation of information from insights  

-Data validation for enhanced accuracy and completeness

-Application of models and algorithms to mine data

-Analyzing the data to identify patterns and trends

Due to its complex processes, data science uses more tools as compared to AI. However, data science doesn’t provide a high degree of scientific processing as AI does.


Data science and Artificial intelligence are both essential for business growth. Adopting these technologies will help you analyze your business data to offer the most suitable solutions. This way, you’ll provide the best products and services to match your clients’ needs. Moreover, it will give you an edge over your competitors, which translates to more business.