Crayta game goes free-to-play for everyone on Stadia

The Starter Edition of ‘Crayta’ game is now fully free-to-play on Google’s game streaming platform, Stadia.

Previously, Crayta was a buy-to-play title, although it has remained one of several free Stadia Pro games included with the optional subscription ever since it was launched nearly a year ago, reports AndroidCentral.

Crayta, developed by UK studio ‘Unit 2 Games’ and it looks a bit like a game-creation-focused Minecraft with the art style and building mechanics of Fortnite.

Players could create their own games for their 3D avatars to explore and engage with.

Crayta was the first Stadia title to support ‘State Share’ and now it’s also gaining support for ‘Crowd Play’ which means live streamers would be able to open their gaming sessions to their viewers for an easier way to engage with fans.

The game is also gaining a Battle Pass system which would offer a wealth of themed cosmetics for completing in-game challenges in various community games.

In addition, the company announced ‘Journey to the Savage Planet’, ‘Lara Croft’ and the ‘Guardian of Light’ as well as ‘Enter the Gungeon’ for Stadia Pro subscribers.

Google has announced that nearly 400 new games are on the way for its Stadia Cloud game streaming service.

In a recent interview with MobileSyrup, Jack Buser, Stadia Director of Games, said most of these games would be arriving in 2021 and beyond.