Coding Invaders Article

Programmer coding in an office

How many Indians have chosen their profession because their parents would like you to become a doctor, engineer and so on?

Imagine how many people  spent 10+ years of education to get a job they donít like in the industries that are old-fashioned and soon are going to be robotized or automated right now: banking workers, accountants, sales officers.

The problem is that some IT professions just like front-end developers or web-developers, usually need years of studying. So what if I want a profession in IT, but donít have coding skills and have no time to spend a year studying.

Becoming a Data Analyst is the best way to enter the IT world for freshers right now. Data analysts are required in banking, pharmaceutical industries, entertainment, offline and online retail, even in cricket! Data analysts help companies to make the right decisions based on data, and data is the new oil for the whole world. Average salary of a Data Analyst is 400 000 Rs per annum.

The coolest career path of Data Analyst is becoming a Data Scientist. Usually it takes 1-2 years for a Data Analyst to transform into a Data Scientist, that is the sexiest, well-paid and demanding senior profession among Data.

Coding Invaders is an online education platform that allows you to study all necessary skills to become a Data Analyst, one of the most demanding professions in IT.

The main advantages of Coding Invaders are:

  • no coding skills and no maths skills are required
  • the length of the course is 6 month and you are able to combine it with your current full-time job
  • Coding Invaders guarantees you find a job in 3 months after course completion or it gives you a complete refund.

This course is a real pill for those who would like to enter the most perspective field in IT, but have no experience and want to study without leaving their job. This course is the cheapest and shortest course with job guarantee in India. Founders of the course made the biggest Data Analysis and Data Science online education course in Europe (with 22 000+ graduated students) and now are expanding to India.

Join the course and become a Data Analyst within 6 months.