Cloudflare DNS: Fast, Secure, and Resilient

Cloudflare DNS

Fast, Secure, and Resilient DNS is a mission-critical element for any online business. Yet this component is usually neglected and overlooked until something collapses.

Always Available, Security lock blue, Integrated Security

The global Anycast network allows DNS resolution at the network edge in their data centres across 200+ cities, resulting in unparalleled redundancy and 100% uptime. Cloudflare allows built-in DDoS protection and one-click DNSSEC to guarantee your applications are always safeguarded from DNS blockades.

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Key Features

  • Thoroughly unnecessary architecture created for 100% uptime
  • Unmetered and extensive DDoS mitigation
  • Guide for CNAME records at the top level
  • DNS analysis at the tip
  • One-click DNSSEC assistance
  • Custom Nameservers
  • Global and regional load balancing
  • Role-based admittance controls
  • Advanced analytics (up to 6 months)
  • 24/7/365 dedicated technical assistance
  • Multi-factor authentication and SSO
  • Synthesis with SIEM/parsing tools

Performance Acceleration Bolt Blue With Superior Performance

Our authoritative DNS is the fastest globally, offering a DNS lookup speed of 11ms on average and worldwide DNS propagation in less than 5 seconds. Cloudflare has an extensive network and infrastructure to stop massive attacks on the DNS system. It just gets clean requests and never deals with malicious traffic or attacks on the DNS infrastructure.

Unlimited and Unmetered DDoS Mitigation

Substitute your organization from the expenses and stress of DDoS strikes against your DNS. With Cloudflare Managed DNS, you get unrestricted and unmetered mitigation against DNS-based DDoS strikes. Our network capacity is 23x more meaningful than the most significant DDoS attack ever recorded.

One-Click DNSSEC

Cloudflare Managed DNS originates with built-in DNSSEC to protect your users from on-path attacks that can spoof or hijack your DNS records. DNSSEC adds a layer of security at every level in the DNS lookup process. The best part — you can quickly deploy DNSSEC at the click of a single button.

Easy Configuration Backed By 24 X 7 X 365 Technical Assistance

They offer DNS easy. All your domains can be managed through a user-friendly interface or an API, regardless of where the Internet properties are hosted. Terraform synthesis further automates DNS management and configuration. Users receive 24/7 phone and email assistance, dedicated explications, and success engineers — serving onboard and configure DNS records with zero downtime.

Simple integration spot illustration with Global and Local Load Balancing

With Cloudflare Load Balancing, users can reduce latency and increase application availability by steering traffic away from unhealthy elements and dynamically assigning it to the most convenient and responsive server pools. Users load balancing solution leverages Cloudflare’s global Anycast network and encourages all HTTP(S) protocols to TCP and UDP.

Advanced Analytics

Receive in-depth, real-time analytics into the well-being of your DNS traffic — all readily accessible from the Cloudflare Dashboard. Create detailed raw and visual reports for user DNS queries – filtered by record types, response codes, geography, domains, etc. Raw log files are also available through API and can be blended with SIEM/parsing tools.

Cloudflare DNS Can Easily Integrate into A Multi-Vendor Environment

Maintain your existing DNS infrastructure while using Cloudflare DNS as a secondary DNS or a private primary setup. It supports TSIG authentication for zone substitutions.